Happy Caturday


FaceBook is a cesspool. And I knew it before I rejoined this time. There I was, having a great week chatting with Christian friends there until this week. It all started when I friended my half-sister on FaceBook. She’s such a pitiful soul. But she wasn’t raised to have any class or decorum, so, the Groups she’s a member of are unchristian, visually crude sites. Now I’m being slammed by inappropriate Suggested Groups, demonic language and images I find very upsetting. So, this morning I left her a Private Message to explain why I’ve had to unfriend her. Then dumped all the ‘cookies’ on this computer, praying that those images will please be removed. I’m only a humble sinner seeking Grace. It’s easy to backslide but hard as the dickens to stay away from things that displease God. I hope this did the trick. FaceBook needs to offer a feature where one can turn off the Suggested Groups. But I do realize that Social Media has made our society unsociable, hasn’t it?! Not much hope there.

Then “new” sister made the grandest faux pas of all yesterday. She called and asked for money. I’m living on a very fixed income and can’t, and won’t, go giving money out to every panhandler with a sob story. Well, that’s that. She hasn’t changed, apparently. At least, not yet. That’s left me a bit broken-hearted.

Well, enough about that.


My dear, sweet, generous Hubby arose at 4 AM today. He is now en route to Columbia, South Carolina, as I pen these words. God has answered prayer about a sad situation in his family. His 25 year old nephew, who still acts like he’s still an undisciplined, wet-behind-the-ears 14 year old, needs rescuing from an unhealthy situation. Nephew was living in sin with a married woman, and they have finally split up. I hope. But being without transportation, he had to ask for help to “get back home”. So now, Nephew’s elderly father and 88 year old grandfather are traveling up from South Florida to meet my equally elderly Hubby half way on the way back to finish the rescue. Lost yet? lol These three aging, sickly men are playing relay so no one has to drive the whole distance of 1,000 miles. I know, it’s complicated. I want desperately to call this day Three Men In A Tub, but that’s my sick sense of humour. grin And part of me wants to smack Nephew in the head, and the other part wants to hug him and say “Welcome home.” Kids. Was I this much trouble? (Don’t answer that …) sigh

I’m going to be doing a lot more praying today. Not just for the aforementioned loved ones but also for myself. I pray that I’m living God’s will. Knowing me, I’ve probably doing something wrong.

Here’s hoping your day is blessed.


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  1. Ohhhhhhhh I wouldn’t want to be in that car…feel for that young man (winking and grinning). Its going to be a longgggggggg ride home. Keeping Steve and his family in prayer. Don’t be too hard on the kid…(I know, I know, he’s 24), we all make mistakes and I am sure it was hard on him to call for help (been in that boat before, and my family refused to help…so, lets just say, I know what not to do.)

    As for FB–haven’t been on it for agesssssssssssssss, nor do I plan to be. It is a cesspool…and that Zuckerberg likes it that way (just saying). Hope that foot is healing, Sparky.

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    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be in that car either. But, you’re right, don’t be too hard (one of my biggest faults). Hopefully he will feel his own shame and want to better himself. Guess I would be an awful parent. Too strict. Thankfully Steve is the softy and he’s usually right. A gentle word encourages love and repentance.

      Thanks to a friend in Sunday School, he sent me in the right direction to getting rid of the offensive Suggested Group(s). Boy, that thing was annoying. It’s so simple. Simply place the cursor (do not apply pressure yet) on the right hand side of the offense. When a white “X” shows up, click it. TA DA! No more advert. Duh, it was so easy.

      I think I can safely say that my foot is almost completely healed! You know what I was doing wrong before? Soaking them in VERY HOT water several days a week. I thought that was good for feet, but, apparently, it’s not. My bad. giggle From now on it’s cool or tepid water all the way.

      Luv ~:)

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      1. hot water doesn’t help for dry or cracked feet, so I figured out, lolol. As for FB—no thanks…giggling..funny, I am the strict parent as well, sure want to strangle the kid at times, giggling. We all make mistakes, friend..and sometimes this hard head forgets that.

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  2. Praying for safe travel for both cars. I have a limited # of friends on FB and block anyone that sends out that trash, and wont accept friends from anyone that I dont know. Rather than post, I prefer to read, and that way I can put the ones I dont want away. You are wise to do what you did too. How is your heel/foot? Hugs to you!

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    1. Steve is now home! Yay! Over 500 miles, round trip. The Nephew, etc. are still on the road. Probably won’t make it to South Florida until around 11 pm-ish or so. Thank you for your prayers!
      I think I can safely say that my heel is almost completely healed. I walked around this afternoon and there’s no discomfort or pain. I am doing the exercises and using the equipment Doc sold me. I’m going to keep at it. And I’m exercising both feet, just to make sure.
      I’m doing the same thing on FB but made the mistake of befriending someone I thought had changed, but apparently hadn’t. Well, there you go. I made the mistake but it’s been rectified. I’ll always pray for her. That’s the best I can do.
      Luv & Prayers for your household too! ~:)


  3. FB certainly is a cesspool, so sad. I’m glad that we are not on it, and have to deal with all that. I can imagine how sticky and difficult situations get such as the one you described! So very frustrating! Glad that your SS teacher helped you figure out a solution. Hope your heel continues to heal, and may the blessings of the Lord be with you 🙂

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