Prospects Of Spring And Other Things

The calendar says January, but the weather shouts Spring! I like cool weather but I must be bored with it this year, or I’m just in better health that I haven’t experienced in donkey’s years, but with a burst of energy the yard is looking pretty good. I’m ready to start looking at seed catalogs and browse gardening aisles.

Hubby constructed then installed new nest boxes for the Blue Birds. Note the metal ring around the entrances? That’s to keep the Woodpeckers and Flying Squirrels from tearing them apart. I do love our other wildlife but they are destructive. This discourages them from taking over the place. I make special accommodations just for those critters. Our 6+ acres property now boasts of at least more than six mated pairs of Blue Birds each year. And they usually raise more than one brood. It may be more mated pairs than that. We’re also making and sharing these boxes with neighbors and friends.

And whilst Hubby was being so wonderfully productive, I cleaned yard debris. Then hit the local Dollar General for their garden specials. I’m a real sucker for bright sparkleys, especially if they jingle, jangle, chime or spin. giggle Having so much wildlife around makes life so much extra fun!

Tomorrow evening is our monthly Bike Night at the Church. I’m so glad that’s back in session after the long Holiday break.


3 thoughts on “Prospects Of Spring And Other Things

  1. Six acres?!! Wow! We don’t even take care of our little suburban lot and we’re tire of so much yard. I’m not a gardening person, though. I want it to look nice with the least amount of attention! Ha! Brown thumb all the way. Love the twirly sparkly things you found and know the birds appreciate your efforts!!

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  2. Cute, cute, cute. No signs if spring here, we are expecting another winter storm today to Sunday. Have a great upcoming weekend. Smiles…Waving to Steve and the boys.💟

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