A Prayer Request


I’m in need of prayer this morning please. Not trying to be mysterious but it’s an unspoken request and deals with something in my past that is trying to change me back into what I once was. I just don’t want to ‘go there’ anymore. It’s such a well-worn path that needs to be allowed to grow up in weeds so I’ll never go there again. I think I’ve ‘prayed it through’ but request the Saints that read this passage to please whisper a prayer for my spiritual strength? Thank you so much.

And Thursday devotional in the “Open Windows” by LifeWay pamphlet really spoke to me. Thought I’d share it. [Translation below]


The Pathway of Wisdom
Devotional Passage: Proverbs 3:13-26
Read the Bible Through: Exodus 12-13, Matthew 15:1-20

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Proverbs 3:17

When you choose to travel down the pathway of wisdom instead of taking other routes, life just seems to go more smoothly and you save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches. This way is described as pleasant and peaceful. It’s like walking along a smooth pathway winding through beautiful trees with a cool, quiet stream running next to it. We can stroll along its beauty with our mind totally at ease.

But it stands to reason that when we choose any route instead of the way of wisdom – whether it is the result of selfish desires or simply as the quickest way to get ourselves out of a fix – the path will be rocky and filled with potholes, with probably some uncomfortable detours as well. It will not be a pleasant journey.

The good thing is that we get to choose our own pathway. We can take the time to choose wisely, or we can base our decisions on greed, selfishness, and without forethought and prayer. But walking in wisdom will always be the best way to travel, no matter where we are going.

Father, help me to seek Your wisdom over my own desires.

I love and appreciate you all very much. Also, please know I try to always bring all my blogging buddies to the Throne of Grace daily too. May the LORD bless and keep you.