Chain Of Life


Yesterday after Church services, Hubby, me and some dear friends patronized the local DQ for some eats. Afterwards, we joined in with thousands of other Christians in the prayer chain concerning abolishing of abortion. With the Chain of Life, our goal was to save the lives of the unborn by changing people’s hearts. I pray we’ve made a positive change with this show of faith. I know hearts must be softened to even begin to care for those who can not care for themselves. We all pray that more children will survive the womb to enjoy what can be a lovely life too.

So, after one hour of standing by that busy highway, my feet hurt, my legs were cramping, the eyes were stinging from wind burn. I would close my eyes for relief. There’s road grime all over my clothes. And the pièces de résistance to the afternoon’s activities, I ticked off a friend just kidding around because sometimes I have to touch the fire. Thus the above graphic. (Happily, I made it all better by apologizing and then handing her a handful of wildflowers growing at our feet, roots and all. She laughed, so, I guess I’m not dead. lol) But even with all that inconvenience, discomfort, and ‘burnt fingers’, there’s joy in my heart after spending that one hour holding an unwieldy sign in high winds and praying with my brothers and sisters in Christ. 


I’m glad I rode yesterday. To calm the troubled spirit, at least the ride home was refreshing. After the event, I cranked up the Vee and tore off alone, accelerating like a scalded cat down the 4 lane highway. Riding alone can be wonderful. I get to pick the pace and find my own route home. I could hear the soft purr of that V-Twin, the rumble of the tires on the asphalt and the wind whistling past my helmet. The air was so crisp and clean. There’s nothing else like it. After I turned onto our narrow, poorly maintained dirt road, I shifted to 3rd gear, stood up on the pegs, pulled back on the bars so the front tire won’t bog down and let ‘her rip. No rooster tails anymore, though. I’m too old for that. But, boy howdy, that’s a sweet handling bike. Suzuki has a real winner in their DL 650 V-Strom.

May the LORD bless and keep you.


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    1. I couldn’t find what I said in my copy of the comments section either. It’s gone. Oh well. This WP is not user friendly! Sometimes I’ve half a mind to go back to Blogger. No worries. It’s not important anyway.
      Have a blessed day Andy. 😉


      1. Oh yes dear friend all of your comments are important to me. I appreciate all you do on my blog. I am so sorry this happened. I have never had that happen before. I hope it is not something that will happen again. You have a blessed day as well.

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