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tip top tuesday tidbits

Just a quick diddy to say “Hello”. Hubby and I have been raking, mowing, burning leaves, repairing bird houses, trimming limbs, and so forth. It’s been terribly busy around here but it’s the good kind of busy. I will admit, I’m slap wore-out (as my step-mother used to so sweetly opine).


That’s our homemade workshop in the background above. Hubby constructed it back in 2006-ish or so. I’m sure he’d know the exact year but my muddled brain is lucky to remember what day it is anymore. The area on the left will soon have a 18 foot by 21 foot by 7 foot high metal carport added. I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered one. We just can’t be climbing ladders and wielding hammers anymore. So since the metal carports are much more cost effective than trying to stick build anything I figured we deserve a break today. giggle


Can you believe it, those are thunder heads heading our way! In February?! Very uncommon. It’s been so warm for this time of year it’s no wonder everything’s a bit wacky. Even the birds are eyeing nest boxes with longing looks. Oh well. Can’t change or control the weather. One must just roll with it. Guess the birds figure that as well.

And isn’t it wonderful everything that President Trump has been accomplishing and trying to accomplish so far!? The Baal worshiping baby killing libtards are beside themselves with envy and anger. It’s really quite humorous to watch them spat and sputter.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a pleasant, joy-filled day. I’ll be visiting your blogs after I scrape all the dirt off myself.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit

  1. Love the pictures! Odd that it’s warm now where you are and pouring cold rain here in L.A.! Our birds have pulled a disappearing act…but the lovely pear blossom trees have bloomed…early for here even with the amazing amount of rain….leading honest weathermen here in California to say the drought’s pretty much over. The less honest just keep raising the bar “well, close but the rivers still aren’t as high…” blah blah.

    I hope you are less “slap wore out” by now and feeling well!
    XX Z

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    1. That is odd how it’s cold for y’all and warm for us. Our birds, especially Cardinals, do the same disappearing act every Fall. No one has been able to explain this to me. I’m still really tired. Not accustomed to honest labor anymore. giggle As for President Trump: my advice is to ignore the news snippets for now. His entire Cabinet has not even been approved yet. There’s still a lot of saber rattling going on. It’s too early to make any predictions or any intelligent predictions. “They” may say such and such will happen in “X” number of months but, really, no one knows what’s going to happen until it does. I’m certainly not privy to what’s transpiring behind closed doors. Best to watch and wait and pray.


  2. We just saw on the news that the south is getting tornadoes, this why I will never live down south again…I rather live here in the great white north where it’s pouring rain and cold, although Cuomo is trying to make the state a sancutary state. I enjoyed your post Sparky, we are throughly enjoying Trumps 3 Rd week in office…NOT enjoying the snowflakes, Soros, Schumer, Maxine Waters/dems….etc.

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    1. I wish I was enjoying these weeks as much…I SO wish he’d known ahead of time that most of what he promised he’d do right away couldn’t be done….or that someone had told him, or that he’d listened!? Praying

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    2. Louisiana and Alabama have far worse weather than we, I’ve noticed. Our weather is usually pretty sedate. It’s just been strange this winter.

      I, for one, am enjoying watching the daily liberal meltdown. They’re only hurting themselves. Steve said many of the Demoncrats now in power may not be in office in two years time. That makes me smile. The ‘snowflakes’ will eventually tire of it too. If they truly are experiencing that much agitation, the emotional strain will significantly shorten their lives. It’s their choice.

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