Like A Bad Penny

I’m baaaaack. πŸ™‚ I think it’s time for a return, don’t you? It’s been wonderful taking a blog break, although, to be honest, most of my on-line social time has been spent at FaceBook. I am anxious to begin writing again. So many thoughts are mulling around in my squishy brain. They just gotta be shared!Β  πŸ™‚

But let’s start the New Year off with a couple of pretty pictures, snapped by my husband this frosty winters ‘morn.

First is a male Cardinal, of course. The other visitor is a male Swainson’s Thrush. The migratory birds are starting to work their way South.

So, with this auspicious beginning, I’m off to the races! Happy New Year dear readers.



9 thoughts on “Like A Bad Penny

  1. Like a shining silver dollar, you mean, not a bad penny! SO SO SO glad you’re bbaaaack!
    I had to laugh at myself when I read your sentence incorrectly as “…off to the RACIST Happy New Year” πŸ™‚
    On FB, you’ll laugh…a very dear childhood friend is now a grandma and she’s a Danish grandma and they call their Grandmas “mormor”…so Lisa showed a pic of herself making cookies with her grandson and captioned it “I love being a Mormor!” and I (and others later) thought she said “I love being a MORMON!” Her husband’s a Protestant pastor so I really had to laugh! “A MORMON?” HA!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR , dear Sparky…I hope your health is much better? Love, Z

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    1. Thank you dear Z! I do that too with skimming over words and think it’s one thing, when really it’s another. Changes the meaning entirely, don’t it. giggle Health (for now) is mucho better. I’ll blog about it next. Thanks again! Happy New Year! ❀ πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi ya Vic! Thank you. Hope y’all are staying warm today. We have so much ice this morning that the roads are closed. Snow is expected by 5 pm. So unusual for SE Georgia. God bless to you and your wonderful doggies!


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