2017 In A Nutshell


2017 was a year of contrasts, a year of sickness and healing, a year of new beginnings, and a year of loss mingled with gain.

For America, and us personally, most of what’s happened, has been good. It’s good that we have an America loving President again. He’s not perfect but he seems a true Patriot who puts our culture first and the world’s last. It’s been a very good thing for us elderly and retired that the Stock Market and interest rates are slowly increasing. The bad wood from the former Administrations is being rooted out to be burned in the rubbish heap of history. Commerce is picking up in a big way. We live in an area dominated by rails. I’ve noticed that the tracks are staying busy 24/7 now which means that the economy is picking up. More commerce equals a better way of life. That’s the American Way.

For long time followers, remember the Plantar Fasciitis that afflicted my right foot? Well, it kinda healed itself one day. I was doing the exercises, wearing the shoe inserts and performing the treatments like the Doc told me to. One day I was praying as I walked back from the mailbox that’s over 350’ from the house. I had reached the sidewalk when wham a sudden shooting, burning, knee buckling pain hit my foot so hard I went down to my knees in tears! This was so profound, I even remember the date: May 13th. Steve was en route from South Florida which meant I was completely alone except for two very cute but useless little dogs. I literally had to drag myself the rest of the way into the house and put an ice pack on the suffered limb for as long as I could stand it. It ‘smarted’ for several days and swelled up like it was full of liquid, but now seems to be somewhat healed. (The lump is still there and it feels weird but there’s no pain.) What’s really odd is wearing the shoe insert is painful now. Even the foot doctor couldn’t explain it. I didn’t question the healing. Just praised God and went on. Strange though, huh? Another minor affliction recently was I developed a severe pain in my left shoulder. It hurt so bad I had to stop riding for several months. (Horrors!!!) After visiting two Orthopedic doctors, several X-rays and one MRI, one of their assistants administered a cortisone shot and voila, it seems healed. He said I had bursitis aggravated by a bone spur. Again, praising God for whatever the outcome will be. So far, no more pain. HE’s so kind to take care of all my needs and wants even when we don’t know what that should be.

Steve and I volunteer at the local Food Pantry once a month or whenever needed. And whenever someone is down and out and needs food, we try in our humble way to help, just like many others. [Matthew 25:31-46] There’s nothing like having a full belly to help one make proper decisions. It helps to lead a Godly life when not feeling desperate, you know? Next month, Steve starts back at Christian Mens Job Corp (CMJC). Their goal is to lift men out of poverty with training, education, and Godly living. It’s a very worthwhile program. There’s one for women too but I just can’t seem to get interested in it. I feel called elsewhere.

On December 24th we were invited to a party at one of our FAITH Riders friends home. It’s funny, ‘cause, I approached the whole evening with trepidation not knowing what to expect. I grew up in a stodgy German group that never laughed or played games or had any fun. Turns out that evening was the most glorious fun that I’ve had in I don’t know how many years. We both laughed so hard I almost lost my voice. (It was worth it!) Even though now it’s only a happy memory, I look forward to next year and this time I’ll know what it means to play Dirty Santa. 😉 I’m already scouting out what kind of gifts to bring for the game. I may even practice the dropping fuzzy balls into a jar from eye height. Hey, it pays to be prepared.

Sadly, our Church lost a few Saints in Christ to mankind’s ancient enemy Death. Dearly loved ones that are missed so very greatly. But we grieve not like the pagans [1 Thessalonians 4:13] so our hearts rejoice instead because we know that they now dwell in the house of the LORD forever. We just miss them. Let’s see, there’s been a delightful wedding by two widowed Saints just a couple of days ago. We weren’t part of the ceremony but it is still a happy event. I’ve lost a long-time friend, who for now,  chooses the trappings of the World over Christ. He chose to not associate with me on social media anymore, which saddened my heart, but I do understand. One can not sup at a table with demons and a table of the LORD at the same time. [paraphrased from 1 Corinthians 10:21] Guess you know I will always chose the LORD. But one must choose which table to sit at, I can’t make that choice for anyone else. That person is still in my daily prayers. Doesn’t mean I don’t still love them. We are to be like Christ and love all people. (Hard to do sometimes but life is so much more pleasant when we do. Can I get an Amen?)

That’s been our year in a nutshell. I hope yours has been joyous, safe, pain free and prosperous and will continue to be so. Every day is a new day to serve God. What a joyous thought that is!

By the way, weather forecast is for snow today!? We live in balmy, humid Southeast Georgia! God bless. 🙂