Snow Day

mill creek church in snow 03 JAN 2018

Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Offerman, Georgia

Yesterday, Southeast Georgia received about 1 to 2 inches of snow. I’ve heard some areas received as much as 3 inches. The photo above is just one of many that we snapped around our property. I spent so much time posting photos on FaceBook, I almost forgot that I’m back to blogging again. Old dogs and habits … well, you know. 🙂

For more photos, try clicking this link.

FAITH Riders plans on hosting a Polar Ride this Saturday from Blackshear, Georgia to Yulee, Florida to have lunch at a new Bar-B-Que joint. There’s so much interest now, that we had fellow FAITH Riders in Florida call and want to join in our reindeer games! God is so good. I love it when everyone wants to join in. Still not sure if I’ll ride or not but Steve said he will. I might sit this one out and ride in the chase vehicle. Depends on the thermometer. Anything below 40° is just to low for these old bones.

Be blessed my friends.