Snow Day

mill creek church in snow 03 JAN 2018

Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Offerman, Georgia

Yesterday, Southeast Georgia received about 1 to 2 inches of snow. I’ve heard some areas received as much as 3 inches. The photo above is just one of many that we snapped around our property. I spent so much time posting photos on FaceBook, I almost forgot that I’m back to blogging again. Old dogs and habits … well, you know. 🙂

For more photos, try clicking this link.

FAITH Riders plans on hosting a Polar Ride this Saturday from Blackshear, Georgia to Yulee, Florida to have lunch at a new Bar-B-Que joint. There’s so much interest now, that we had fellow FAITH Riders in Florida call and want to join in our reindeer games! God is so good. I love it when everyone wants to join in. Still not sure if I’ll ride or not but Steve said he will. I might sit this one out and ride in the chase vehicle. Depends on the thermometer. Anything below 40° is just to low for these old bones.

Be blessed my friends.



10 thoughts on “Snow Day

    1. It’s “supposed” to be in the mid-40s Saturday. I hope it will be warmer. At least all this snow and ice should be gone. Wish you could join us for the chow! Steve swears it’s the best in the Southeast. We’ll see … giggle


  1. Oh my! I would think any temperature under 50 would be too cold for me to be on a motorcycle! Brrrrr!! I do look forward to your report and photos! I am so glad the snow didn’t make it down this far. Sure wish Yulee, FL was close to Lakeland!

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    1. I know! Brrrr is right! I’m beginning to question if even 40 is too low. 😉 The secret is to cover up all the ‘cracks in the dam’ (as I call it) but wearing a rain suit or something snug over all the layers of clothing. Wind is your enemy in such severe temps. I also hope I still have enough movement to turn and work the controls with all the layers. I am a bit weary of the snow and ice already. I don’t know how folks handle this for months on end. I would crack for sure. lol Yeah, Yulee is a mite too far for a jaunt over from Lakeland. Blessings.


  2. Girrrrl! You got snow and we got no! Love it for my Georgia girls! Yes. I couldn’t believe it. So good to read of what’s going on in your world.

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