Getchyer Motor Runnin’

Being February, there’s not much going on at the moment. Even the riding mower is being uncooperative. But this morning, the sun was just right, the air pleasant. Everything was agreeable. This prompted a quick ride around our rural county. We have almost matching 2013 Honda CB1100’s now, only mine still has the silver side plates. Steve painted his red to match the tank (did a superb job too for a simple ‘rattle can’ spray!) Truth be told, I wanted a good ‘glam’ shot anyway of my new metal steed for posting at forums or any place on the ‘net. This is a sampling of what my sweet husband came up with.


Nice, huh?! The photo on the right was taken at a pond on Horseshoe Road which is one of our favorite spots in the county. I keep looking for a For Sale sign there one day.  [crossed fingers] The left photo with the cows was taken on Walkerville Road close to home.

both cb1100 on horseshoe rd 06 FEB 2018

This one was snapped facing down Horseshoe towards Walkerville. There are zero neighbors (my kinda ‘hood!). If it has internet access available, I would so move to this spot.


And a couple of cameo’s, first one is Your’s Truly. Yellow jacket is Steve hamming up for the camera.

This was nice! How many days until Spring y’all? 🙂


Thank you for putting the kickstand down. Have a blessed day folks!



6 thoughts on “Getchyer Motor Runnin’

  1. They are great retro remake bikes. I really like the old Honda look. I was lucky enough to take a fully restored 80’s CBX1000 for a spin recently – beautiful.

    Great photos.

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    1. Because we live on a dirt road, and after multiple non-motorcycle related surgeries to my neck / shoulder, this Honda is so much easier for me to ride than that tall Suzuki V-Strom 650 I just sold. We also purchased a 1981 Suzuki GS1100e (the blue bike in the header photo). It’s our ‘project bike’ and waiting on further funds. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! Your site is nice too. Ride safe.


      1. The owner of the CBX (which is in a previous post) his current project is a GS1000S.

        Interesting that you went road bike rather than dirt bike given the road. It’s important to find the right bike for you.

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        1. Funny, I moved from an Adventure Bike (Suzuki V-Strom) to the Honda CB1100. The Honda does much better in our one mile of shifting sand than the “Vee” did. Could be the weight and the fact that the Honda is not so top heavy for me. I’ve had neck surgery and shoulder surgery plus lost a rib, so, my right side even with exercise is getting weak. Now there seems to be arthritis in the mix. sigh The Honda is much more sure footed than the latter. BTW, I started out on dirt bikes. My husband taught me how to convert what I’d learned on the dirt to riding on the street. As you well know, there’s a world of difference between dirt and pavement. 🙂
          Thank you for stopping by! It’s been wonderful conversing with a fellow enthusiast who understand the dynamics of riding. May the LORD bless and keep you safe. 🙂

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