Dimorphic Gray Moth

Wordless Wednesday

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6 thoughts on “Dimorphic Gray Moth

    1. It does resemble camouflage. This little guy came to rest on the side of our house a year or so ago and it was my great fortune to be there with a camera.
      Moths are one of my favorite insects. Next are Dragonflies. There are so many varieties and colors.
      God bless. ❤ 🙂


  1. you are a blessing….you bring ME, this ‘big city L.A. girl’ closer to the lovely type of area in which you live through pictures of birds, moths, flowers, etc….(OK, the motorcycles are something I know, but!!! HA!). Thank you!
    Sparks, had 11 girlfriends here for my ‘7th Annual dinner’ where we all have small bites with drinks, laugh and chat a LOT, then dinner…and, with my invite, I always ask for a theme of faith…sometimes it’s ‘what Bible verse did you cling to last year?” or “what do you want to cling to this coming year?’ Last night’s was all about COMFORT because we need comfort…so I made comfort foods! We all settle down with dessert and coffee (my comfort food dessert last night was mint chocolate ice cream with hot chocolate sauce…and cookies! Went over BIG, of course!) and we each take turns sharing…a comforting book, or verse, or something we heard in a sermon, etc. It’s lovely because we all say that hearing everyone’s input was such a blessing…so cool! (meat loaf, mashed potatoes and peas mushrooms were COMFORT dinner….and one of my hors deurvres is something they all ask for all year…my bite-sized macaroni and cheese that I make in tiny muffin pans!!!! FUN. Thought you’d like to hear about it…i hope so! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing that, I felt like I was there too. I love it when you share what y’all do. Those of us who Believe need edifying too so that we may be refreshed and go out and teach the Word of God to the lost. What a blessing.
      BTW, the meal you fixed, it’s one of my favorites! Cross my heart. Including the mint chocolate ice cream. Holy Moly. 🙂 You sure you’re not a Southerner? ❤
      Blessings my friend. Keep looking up.

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