7 thoughts on “Ephesians 2:10

  1. As I sit here doing homework, I am wondering what in the world am I doing, attending a very liberal college…and why the good Lord picked this one…I guess we shall wait and see, right? Perhaps to open my mind as it is pretty closed to some of these other ideas going around? Trying to make light of it and staying in his Grace while this goes on, smiles. But, yes, I am part of God’s masterpiece, He holds the reigns.

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    1. Quite! And no one else can tell you if what’s going on is right or wrong. That’s between you and our LORD. If you’re led in that direction, then go. Living outside of the will of God is not a good place to be.
      Just Pamela speaking, be careful about letting “other ideas” take root into your mind. You’re a Christian. They are not. The only guidance we need are from God and that’s all written down. 😉
      ❤ + xxx

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  2. BIBLE:


    I love that! It’s ALL THERE, isn’t it!! It’s all “written down”

    Bless you this Sunday and always! xxx Z

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    1. That’s perfect! I’m so gonna ‘steal’ that. 😉 Thanks! Blessings to you too Z. Thank you for your friendship. ❤


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