Happy Friday

It’s another beautiful but blustery day. When IS the wind going to lay down!? I know, it’s March. It certainly is “marching” through our area, with a vengeance. I’m sitting here watching the trees bend to the winds command. I wanna ride, dadgum it! 🙂 The cool, dry air has rendered the road to that slippery white sandy powder. It’s hard pan below but the top is not real conducive to keeping a two wheel vehicle upright. I could probably get down the one-mile of country road OK, but once I can gain speed on the pavement, the wind blasts would wear me slap out. So, here’s some pretty pictures to pass the time.


I pray your day is lovely too.



6 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Pretty pictures today! Surely the winds will close down soon. I just heard this morning, we may have more snow showers Sunday morning tho…grrr….enjoy your afternoon and evening.

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    1. More snow!? Oh no. So sorry to hear that. I’m still waiting to be sure all the frost is over with before planting those packets of seeds. Y’all take care. Prayers. ❤


  2. Rain expected in L.A. tomorrow… (hurrah!) Wish we got a little snow! Blustery always makes even more beautiful around here, so I can imagine how pretty it is there.
    have a happy weekend! XXX

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