Pansy Volunteers

It is still rather chilly here in Southeast Georgia. After the last rain I was preparing an area for grass seeds but lo and behold look at what has sprung up all on it’s own. Last years Pansy plantings have returned. I think I’ll leave them for the season.

pansy volunteers 13 MAR 2018

Pansy [Viola tricolor]

In spite of the brisk winds, since it’s so lovely out, Steve rode his Honda to Christian Men’s Job Corp this afternoon. He is one of many who volunteer to help men lift themselves out of poverty and to better themselves through education. (There’s a separate training session for women also.) I had to drive to Alma but opted to take the truck instead of the two wheels. It thrills The Boys to no end to get to “go for a ride”. I couldn’t disappoint them.

sam and jack in back seat 03 MAR 2017

Just ask any small animal, these Boys are not pansies!

And tonight we get to feast on homemade Chocolate Guinness Cake lovingly made by my BFF. Life just doesn’t get any better. lol  🙂

St. Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because of my heritage. Does anyone else research, or have researched, their family genealogies? I’m about 1/2 Irish-1/2 Scottish with one in the wood pile. 😉 Plus, St. Patty’s is a special day because it’s the anniversary of our First Date in 1979. Steve and I celebrate it every year like it’s our wedding anniversary.




6 thoughts on “Pansy Volunteers

  1. The pansies are so pretty and a nice surprise. The boys are goodlooking too! St. Patrick’s Day is especially special to us as our first granddaughter was born on 3-17. I have Irish blood through the Murphys so I bleed green!

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  2. I have not blogged since Dec. Did not know you were blogging again dear friend!!! I love the pansies and your doggies are so handsome! Congratulations to you and Steve on your first date anniv. I have a childhood friend who has studied her family history. Her grandma was Irish. She is cooking an Irish dinner for her family for St. Patrick’s. So nice to visit with you. xo Mildred

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  3. Happy anniversary!! We don’t ‘celebrate’ St. Patrick’s Day, but I am also Irish and Scottish (and English, German & Scandinavian). My maiden name is Kelly, my mom’s maiden name is Cameron and I also have Mahaffey in my lineage. So… Kiss Me, I’m Irish!! LOL Y’all have fun!

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    1. More Irish! Actually, I think I’m mostly Irish too. I forgot about the folks that married into my Scottish line. They’re Irish / English. Guess it would be safe to say I’m from the British Isles. That way it covers all the bases. 🙂


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