Rain, Rain, Please Stay

Yesterday was interesting, meteorically speaking. We had the typical March weather: heavy winds, pouring rain, lightning, and small hail. Hail makes me nervous because it’s usually a prelude to a tornado. Thankfully, I believe none were spotted. Whew. I love the rain, though. It makes outside so clean it almost sparkles. And listen how pretty it sounded afterwards:

This at the branch (creek) that runs the length on one side of our property. The tree frogs were certainly happy, weren’t they?! The dirt road is now so hard packed it’s like a super highway. If the wind would lie down, I would be getting some delta breeze on these knees. lol

Y’all stay safe.


4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Please Stay

  1. and this is why we wont live south again…the A Frame house on Lake Tuscaloosa we rented before we moved up here, is no longer there; flooding and a tornado took it out. I hope today is better for you guys.

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  2. Enjoy the beauty! I love the sound of frogs in a creek…my mother gets that sound when it rains hard, here… it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow (sadly, it’s Bible Study morning tomorrow and heavy rains are coming, which sometimes keeps ladies away) and I LOVE it. thanks for the video! xxx

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    1. Oh, I hope the rain doesn’t keep anyone way. It sounds like y’all have such a grand time. We have our Bible Study tonight at the Church. The lady leading the group is so smart! She really has a command of the English language and can explain what many of the Greek words were meant to say. I’ve learned so much from her. She offers outstanding leadership. Blessings my friend! ❤


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