Planting Has Begun

Now that the Easter weekend is past, I figured we’re safe from any further frost this season to start planting the seeds purchased earlier. (Why, oh, WHY, did I buy so many packages!?)

spreading the ground cover 02 APR 2018

First, Steve spread the weed guard in the area that will display the bench and other items. He was careful to save as many of the Pansy “volunteers” as possible that are flourishing under the bird feeder. They are still going strong!

finished product 02 APR 2018

Meanwhile, I raked up more pine straw for the area and spread it around evenly. I then placed the bench and decorations throughout. hoping for an artistic look. Then we put most of the seeds around the bench area. All are now planted except the Giant Sunflowers. I’ve got special plans for those.


After a well deserved rest and running an errand to our nearest town, Steve made me a nice little sprinkler to make the watering easier. All done! Now to just let nature take it’s course with the seeds. Hopefully, there will be a profusion of color in 6 to 8 weeks.

All said and done, I’d rather be riding, but sometimes one must dedicate some time to putting everything right. Now we can ‘play’!

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