Coleman House, Swainsboro, Georgia

Yesterday, the weather was picture perfect. This prompted us to hop on the metal steeds and travel to Swainsboro for lunch. I also had to wind test my new windscreen (it passed). 🙂 Before this trip, I had no inkling that US Highway 1 was in such deplorable condition. Really, our Government should be ashamed to allow a Federal Highway to get in such a bad way. Oh, the trip itself was enjoyable but it turned out to be 185 grueling miles of bone jarring journey. There’s one heave and pot hole after another. Shameful. Anyway, we tried to made the best of it.

First stop was just up the road in Appling County at a farmers field and old barn. I love this spot because it is so picturesque. Appling County is just beautiful anyway, in my opinion.

Then onward to the Coleman House in Swainsboro (Emanuel County) and delicious eats.

It’s buffet style (serve yourself), which is a very popular way of eating all over the Southeast.

On the return, we stopped by a very, very old house, not distant from Swainsboro, that I have an affinity for. I always wonder what it’s story is. Who lived there, is it still in the family, and so forth. It’s just kinda a cool place. Very tranquil.


Further along in the journey we stopped at a marker for the Blue Star Highway Memorial Markers which was a designation given by Garden Clubs in 1945 directly following World War II. And I quote, “In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs adopted this program and began a Blue Star Highway system that covers thousands of miles across the Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. A large metal Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker was placed at appropriate locations along the way.” Alas, because of all the ‘social’ programs in our Country these past years, roads have become terribly neglected. They should be changed to the Black And Blue Highways.

Hope you enjoyed the ride! Have a blessed day folks. Jesus loves you and so do I.

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6 thoughts on “Coleman House, Swainsboro, Georgia

  1. What a wonderful, if long, trip you had and knowing you two, I know you enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for the pictures, which made me feel I was traveling along. Wishing you a happy weekend.

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  2. You know my penchant for old houses, love them…pothole city here too, harsh winter. Today it is 62* and humid, over cast. Liam and I moved the wooden privacy fence that came down last week due to the wind, the landlady is replacing it, but Dave wanted the old one to make a shed, WHEN he gets better, lol. So, we stacked it for him.

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    1. Old houses are fascinating. I know I watch too much HGTV when I dream about fixing up a place like that. Silly girl, right!? LOL I pray you’re both at 100% soon. Don’t fret, Summer is none too far away my friend! ❤


  3. I’m not so jealous as I feel like I you shared the ride with us.
    I used to ride I-94 and every few hundred feet there was a heave that added a rhythm to riding. Not enjoyable but obviously memorable.

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  4. I always wonder about the stories that could be found in old houses and buildings. It’s sad to see them falling apart and not occupied anymore. Sounds like you two had a great ride, in spite of the terrible condition of the road.

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