Happy Independence Day America


What our Independence Day means for those who live in other countries or where somehow sleeping that day in class.

So, what are y’all’s plans for today? It’s raining this morning which I enjoy. We can never seem to get enough of the wet stuff. So, we’re staying home and grilling steaks. Will probably start on the Master Bedroom closet remodel. Yeah, I’ve got a vision for how it should look. We’ll see if it turns out that way. lol Also, I want to repaint the Master Bath. (HGTV has a lot to answer for!) And for the first time in about 30 years, give or take, I have put the American flag back out front. Haven’t flown the flag since Ronaldus Magnamus in the 1980s. Times are a’changin’ and it’s all good.

Have a blessed day folks!