Whadya Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do?

thats all folks

I am so done with my in-laws I’m spittin’ bullets. I’ve always known my Father-In-Law is not a nice person. We’ve had to deal with this thoughtlessness for years. However, today this self-same cowardly FIL sent a vitriolic text to my dear, sweet, always kindhearted, thoughtful husband over us sending old family photos to his daughter, Steve’s sister.  (Note: they all live together in their homemade hell.) The photos were given to us from the MIL to send to each kid as her health declines. I did as I was asked out of kindness. But, apparently, now the SIL has her knickers in a twist over receiving them. And, believe me, it’s over absolutely nothing! There was nothing evil or weird in the photos. The SIL has finally slipped into neutral and gone off the deep end. And, if she ever comes anywhere near me again, I’m gonna place my foot on her backside and shove her over that end! So, Steve said, and I concur that that is that. No more dealing with these nutcases. Life is too short to constantly be insulted and upset, especially over unimportant events. I could write a novel on all the insults we’re endured over the years.

So, stick a fork in me ’cause I’m done with these people. And if they show their faces around here again, it’s gonna get handed to them in a shoe box. I’ll still pray for their well-being, but yep, I’m done.

finish line

Rant over. We may now resume our regularly scheduled programming …

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