Stormy Weather

broken limb by gate 17 JUL 2018Broken Slash Pine Limb

The wind really took it’s liberties with our place last night. The rain was great, but the accompanying storm was something else! It was quite a light show and it appears that there were microbursts along with it. The storm caused the lights to flicker a few times, the dogs were cowering (bless their hearts), and we lost TV picture off and on. But even with the storms there are Heavenly blessings. The usually scary dirt road has been keeping packed down so that riding hasn’t been difficult. Because of the storms the temperatures overall have been pleasant, for July in Southeast Georgia, that is. 🙂 If all our Summers were like this it wouldn’t be so gosh awful. Thank you LORD for your blessings!

First Baptist Church Blackshear 2018First Baptist Church, Blackshear

Our Church has been adding on. Way in the back, see the structure there? That will be our new Youth Activities Center. But it will also be used for our FAITH Riders meetings and other activities centered around the Church or in any way to serve the community. I’m so blessed to be around all these wonderful folks that are teaching me to love others more than myself. It’s one of Christ’s most important teachings: love others, live at peace with your neighbors. Sure makes my life a lot better too.

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Been visiting the Mother-In-Law at the Home as much as physically possible. Steve had noticed that she had suddenly been acting sad. I think he may have figured out why. Her vision has become noticeably hazy. She says that everything appears dark. She had had lens replacement surgery for cataracts awhile back but had not had the follow-up visit, for whatever reason. We’re thinking that maybe she has that PCO (Posterior capsule opacification occurs because lens epithelial cells remaining after cataract surgery have grown on the capsule). I had that growth on the capsule after my lens surgery and got it lasered off. Steve didn’t need to. Not everyone has this problem after surgery. So, tomorrow he takes Mom to our local eye specialist to see what’s going on. I pray that is the situation and they can help her. It must be awful to lose one’s sight.


Amen to that, huh?! He knows all our problems because He has already been to this day and He cares. Well, that’s about it around here. Nothing exciting. I pray that all is well in everyone else’s part of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Your church is so pretty and I know the fellowship building will be put to good use. God supplies. Sure hope the eye doc can take care of your MIL and she can get her vision back soon….it would be scary to be without sight. Not much going on around here either, but so far, no rain for a few days….we need a little….mind you, a little! lol

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    1. Thanks Linda. I think the prettiest part is the beautiful souls that attend there. Yeah, I know, we have our faults and “problems” but I’ve learned how to get along better because of these folks. They really do LOVE! In all the years of attending Church’s, and being so disappointed, this is the first one that I feel like I’m growing spiritually. God knew what I needed and when I needed it. I’m so grateful. (Sorry, didn’t mean to get mushy … lol). 🙂
      I also pray that Althea’s vision will improve. Poor thing. She’s only got so much time left. It would be nice if she could at least have good vision.
      In the Old Testament, was it the prophet Elijah that said he wouldn’t move from the circle until it rained? And when it sprinkled, he said something about Lord, that’s not enough. Always think of that when it comes to rain. (1 Kings) I could have the prophet wrong. The event was touched on in last weeks sermon. My memory … lol

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  2. Praying the eye doctor will have an easy fix for Steve’s mom. Your new activity center will be wonderful!! Your church campus looks really nice!

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