Red Sky In Morning, Sailor Take Warning


Even though we are 50 miles from the east coast, and many more from the Gulf to the south, our skies are already giving us a warning: there’s a storm on the horizon. We’re making preempt plans for the heavy winds, copious rain fall and power outages that are sure to follow. Praying for those in the direct path of Hurricane Michael. Please stay safe.

For those who are suffering from storms in your personals lives, you have my prayers too. You’re not alone. God loves you. Never forget that.

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The New Toy

French racing blue is one of my favorite colors. I wish I had a motorcycle in that shade of blue, but since I can’t afford something that extravagant and, since I actually needed a ‘work horse’ of sorts, this is the compromise I came up with.

golf cart OCT 2018

It’s a 2013 Yamaha Golf Cart. Steve worked out, what I feel, is a really good deal on it from one of our local merchants. God is good, as it also has a limited warranty, which is unusual for something used. It also was sold with the windshield, roof, lift kit, large tires, etc. All these items are extras at most dealerships. Plus, I know that these folks have checked it over carefully for any foreseeable problems and I can yell at them if they didn’t do their job. giggle (Just kidding. Wouldn’t do that.) Steve and I have spent ages pricing used and new this and used and new that. Nothing looked like a bargain. And even the used whatever would be pricey with no warranty or extras! I had to be sure that what we bought wouldn’t be more work for Steve, you know. It has to be reliable. After months of prayer and searching, God showed me this little number. I still pray I haven’t been foolish and thank Him for His guidance.

This morning I was able to put ‘Ol Blue through it’s paces. My goodness it’s hot and humid too because of Tropical Storm Michael heading this way. Sure hope the storm brings rain. We need it. So far, I can safely say ‘Ol Blue has passed with flying colors. I’ve picked up cut and fallen limbs from around the acreage. Then, I pulled up all those weeds and old flowers from the flower bed. Loaded up ‘Ol Blue to the hilt too, then put the yard dregs alongside the gun range. It mulches the area while providing cover for any little critters, especially rabbits, that may need a home this winter. Just doing my part. Doesn’t hurt that they’re tasty too. lol

Oh, and I’m asking for prayers please, dear Saints. Steve is suddenly suffering from heart palpitations, night sweats, and other symptoms. He’s gone to the regular doctor and there’s a stress test scheduled for this Friday (the 12th). Then, of course, there will be followups and lord only knows what else. Please pray for good results, the doctors to be guided and for me to have the courage to carry on no matter the outcome in Christ’s name. Thanks heaps. Y’all mean more to me than words can express.

So that’s the new “toy”. I hope everyone’s day is restful, blessed, and full of love.


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Happy Columbus Day

I have no desire to offend, but it’s so silly how all government offices are closed today for Columbus Day. But since they’re so ingrained in the system, I guess all these made up holidays will never go away. They’re yet another annoyance created by the government in our daily lives like Daylight Savings Time or taxes. Oh well. Ok, I’ll tuck my curmudgeon attitude in the drawer and will have a little fun with it. Here’s Bugs Bunny taking a poke at the holiday. I’ve got yard work to do anyway and will be using my new “toy” to assist in the Fall clean up. I haven’t shared that news about the toy yet, have I? 🙂 Oh, yeah, I didn’t. Well I’ll give y’all a hint: it’s bright blue and it has tuning forks as a symbol on the front. [Such a tease, I know.] The new toy will be my next post.

yamaha golf cart

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
[1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV]

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Up, Up, And Away

The suspense was just too much. The waiting to hear whether that fine man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, was going to be confirmed to the Supreme Court … or not. He was finally at 50 to 48, or so I’ve heard. But we didn’t know that this morning. To ease the tension, we hopped in the ‘cage’ (car) and went for a jaunt around the county.

It’s been a lovely day. A little dry, but that’s OK. I like cloudy days. Makes it more interesting, but that was the only thing interesting until we turned onto our dirt road.

What is it? It’s the “aliens” again. lol Just kidding. It’s the high tension lines power company guys, I think they’re private contractors, that travel around from State to State performing maintenance work so I can sit here in comfort and have my electricity. At my former blog, I blogged about them landing at the Church yard next door many years ago, but have lost that link. Sorry. What they do is the pilot holds the helicopter still while one of the men shimmies down to the high tension line and does whatever to make sure everything is still humming along. There’s a ground wire with a hook (first photo) that trails along below the ‘copter for the shimmie guy to hook onto the power line so he doesn’t get shocked. Talk about tension! They’re sure familiar with it, aren’t they?! I don’t know if they’re brave or crazy but am thankful that there are men who can do this kind of work. God bless them.

That’s been our day. Hope yours was happy and blessed also.

“Give thought to the flowers: they do no work, they make no thread; and still I say to you, Even Solomon, in all his glory, was not clothed like one of these.” Luke 12:27

I think we all need to be more like the flowers for one day out of the week.  🙂

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