Coming Out Of The Closet And Falling Into October

Coming Out Of The Closet And Falling Into October

What a busy time I’ve had, these past few weeks. Between keeping ahead of the storms (thankfully not a Hurricane this year), volunteering at the Church, care-giving for the Mother-In-Law, and various home fixer upper projects, we’ve been busy little bees! My husband has finally put his foot down about the projects and said, “Please dear, no more for awhile.” So, I’m biding my time ’til I can suggest something else that “must be done”. lol Poor man. He’s such a trooper.

One of our many fixer upper’s was to repaint and reorganize the master bedroom closet. It was a not-so-lovely shade of 1980s mauve tint and I went for the egg shell color that was used as an accent or trim in the Master Bath. Did I share that project? If I didn’t, we repainted the Master Bath from a loud pink color with wallpaper trim, to a grey-tan for the base and egg shell for the trim colors. Turned out very nicely. It looks a whole lot more modern.

So, this is the before photos of the closet.


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Notice all the wasted space at the top and bottom? That’s now being utilized with the new design.

These are the after renovation snaps below.


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Steve handmade the new shoe rack. Then moved the existing wire racks to the bottom. We purchased pretty white closet poles for the top racks. It was a bit of an undertaking but we’re oh so thankful to have all this extra space. I’ve put myself on a No More Shirts Or Shoes Until I Get Rid Of Something “diet” though. lol Didn’t realize I had so many!


The weather has cooled a bit now in Southeast Georgia and the bugs are fewer, as well. We started back riding again today. I love Fall. I think most folks do. Our FAITH Riders group at Church has been planning a Fall ride to western South Carolina but I think it may just be me and the Hubby. That’s Okay. It’s hard to coordinate that many people to do something at the same time, so, we’ll see.  🙂

Thank you for stopping by. I pray your day is blessed and safe.

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