Happy Columbus Day

I have no desire to offend, but it’s so silly how all government offices are closed today for Columbus Day. But since they’re so ingrained in the system, I guess all these made up holidays will never go away. They’re yet another annoyance created by the government in our daily lives like Daylight Savings Time or taxes. Oh well. Ok, I’ll tuck my curmudgeon attitude in the drawer and will have a little fun with it. Here’s Bugs Bunny taking a poke at the holiday. I’ve got yard work to do anyway and will be using my new “toy” to assist in the Fall clean up. I haven’t shared that news about the toy yet, have I? 🙂 Oh, yeah, I didn’t. Well I’ll give y’all a hint: it’s bright blue and it has tuning forks as a symbol on the front. [Such a tease, I know.] The new toy will be my next post.

yamaha golf cart

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
[1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV]

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4 thoughts on “Happy Columbus Day

  1. I just recently wrote a paper about this topic/Columbus. Actually, the prompt was titled, “What do you think the Native Americans think about Columbus? Form a thesis, make a point, stick to it and don’t BS me.”—so, yeah…no bs’ing there. The research is quite disturbing. I get it, people don’t want history change etc…unfort. the truth hurts more than the lies that schools spin. He never set foot here in North America. (stepping off the soapbox,lol)

    Other than that, not anything lese going on here…and yes, its silly to have a federal holiday over this. Not meaning to cause any hard feelings etc. This education is getting to my head. lololol

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    1. Yeah, I agree, history points to the fact that Columbus didn’t even set foot here. It’s that the folks that came in after Columbus settled our great Nation. He did help start that. 🙂 Anyway, it’s not that he didn’t land here. I’m just tired of SO MANY days when things are closed. It’s non-productive. That was my point. Everything’s a dadgum holiday, or, so it seems. Just my two cents. lol Thanks my friend. ❤

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