Blue On Blue


It’s been so long since I’ve written a proper blog, I guess y’all thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth.  🙂 Nope, just fell into a mild blue “funk”. Probably seasonal, even though Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

Hurricane Michael missed us almost completely, so, all is cool there. Could have something to do with the fact a fellow FAITH Rider who ended his life and that left me feeling out of sorts, which is odd, because he wasn’t a popular fellow. I wish he had opened up to someone and sought help before taking such a final solution. There will be a ride for his widow this month to raise money for her expenses. She was left with some hefty debts because of his selfishness (there, I said it). What a coward he was! Leaving her with all those problems that he created. Well, that’s my two cents. Time to move on.

I think we’re gonna have more than just the Hubby and me here for Thanksgiving this year. My dearest friends, Vicki and Lewis, and the Mother-In-Law may be here for the festivities. How nice! Speaking of which ….

Surprisingly, my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law are still in the land of the living. She has a ‘bladder fistula’, resides in the local nursing home and we travel back-and-to frequently to check on her. He has advanced COPD, heart failure, and other not-so-nice symptoms from years of smoking and drinking and is crashing at his daughters place in South Florida. (Thank the good LORD it’s nowhere near us. He’s not a pleasant person.) They’re both so ill, it’s truly amazing that they haven’t succumbed to their separate illnesses. You know me, I’m not going to wish anyone dead and even though neither of them is what I’d call a Warm Fuzzy, it’s sad to watch them suffer so much. May the LORD bless and keep them.

heart monitor 04 NOV 2018 small

My sweet husband has suddenly been suffering from nightly heart palpation’s, sweating, restlessness, and so forth. Back and forth to the doctor he’s gone with little help. However, he finally found a heart specialist and wore a heart monitor all weekend. He is returning the device as we speak. He will know the results in December, unless it’s something ‘life threatening’. Geez, that’s good to know, I retorted. Medicine is totally messed up since Obamacare invaded our Country.


Speaking of invasions, I know all reading this have been watching the invading army heading North towards American southern borders? Our Church and many here are praying for a peaceful solution, especially for our military. Those flooding this way are being paid to be suckers for evil purposes and many may end up dead. I don’t want illegals in my Country but I also don’t care to see all those uneducated saps killed because of the evil men and women paying them to be cannon fodder because they’re too cowardly to do it themselves. The devil is truly at work in the hearts of the Left isn’t he folks?! They are truly lost. Thankfully, Jesus Christ has dominion over all. May His peace and wisdom reign forever. All victory is His.

vote red georgia

We voted early and straight Republican. It’s a scary world, my friends. Pray and vote.

Be blessed dear friends.