Sing A New Song


We’re busy preparing for next week’s festivities here at My Thoughts Exactly. This Thanksgiving it will be more than Steve and I. We are also expecting his mother and also my best bud’s, Vicki and Lewis. I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s distinctly American, family friendly, no gifts, no cards or special decorations. Just food, good times and thankfulness for what our loving God has blessed us with.


Anyway, yesterday I was thumbing through my old Golden Aerie Yearbooks from 1973 and 1974 for Astronaut High School and spied these. These were the golden years when I could sing. I guess I was good at it because the music teacher, Mrs. Ellis, chose me to be one of the Peacemakers group. (A special privilege!) I had to turn it down for personal reasons which are long ago forgotten, but it’s still a precious memory. I lost that rich Second Alto voice a few years ago after the neck surgery because the Doc had to move my larynx and such out of the way to reach the neck bones. There’s a titanium plate holding my neck together now. Well, at least there’s no more pain but there’s also no more singing on key. Pity. I love to sing.


Do you also enjoying singing? Oh, I still participate during service but I keep it low because I know I’m not on key anymore. I’m just thankful to be out of pain, to be able to speak and love Him and that God knows that I love Him too.

Have a blessed day dear friends! And Happy Thanksgiving if we don’t chat again before that day.

vintage pencil siggy 26 mar 2018