My Word For 2019

After much prayerful thought, the LORD guided me during one of my Deborah walks (my term for walking & talking to the LORD in the wilderness, just as the Judge Deborah did), that my word for the year needs to be:


Courage to witness for Him in all circumstances.

Courage for when the inevitable medical bills start to roll in that I may seek His wisdom as to what to do.

Courage to serve others for Christ that His name will be glorified.

Courage to always be kind, even when I don’t want too and would like to slap a knot on some people’s heads. lol

So, just like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, I need COURAGE.


Have you been guided to pick a Word Of The Year yet? How did you reach that conclusion, if I may ask? Not being judgmental, I’m simply trying to learn to hear His sweet voice in all I do. I seek Him in prayer but probably should read the Holy Scriptures more for inspiration. I am sadly lacking in the gift of Scripture Recall. I so admire those who can quote Him so easily. But, I’m late to the party in a Christian sense and playing catch up in my life.

Thank you for listening. I pray your day is full of hope, joy, and the right kind of courage.


9 thoughts on “My Word For 2019

    1. Trust is another good one. Everything in life is a lesson, isn’t it?! Sometimes I wish God would just skip the lesson and help me but I know it doesn’t work that way. 🙂 So, I pray for your situation Z. May it be resolved quickly. Bless ya friend. ❤


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