My husband received a pre-birthday gift this week. It’s a Canon EF 100-400mm zoom lens for his camera.

Today this post is by him:

I’ve spent part of the day walking around the yard familiarizing myself with the new lens. Here are a few images from today. First pic is a Cloudless Sulfur butterfly on red Dianthus. A Green Anole on the back deck. Our JRT, Jack relaxing in the grass. Last is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a tiny species on spring migrating.

Wasn’t that fun!? It’s raining cats and dogs right now. I love the rain. It’s almost always welcome.  But I am glad I rode my bicycle earlier.

Hope y’all have a blessed Saturday.

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  1. Oh, Sparky these are beautiful! You are so good! I’m so glad I’ve figured out how to comment on your posts. I got lost in Blogland and I lost on my contacts. I’m trying to find everyone. I see that Linda commented. I’m gonna go find her again.


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