Today’s Devotional
Romans 8:6 NIV


~ ~ ~

It’s that time again, tonight is our monthly Bike Night gathering at the Church. We’re having pulled pork and all the fixin’s. 🙂 I wish everyone here could join us. We do have a lovely time of fellowship, eats, and lots of laughter. With our Keto diet we’ll have to stick to only the meat but that’s OK. I simply enjoy the fellowship.

The drought is worsening. There are dead trees everywhere. It is powder dry. There is a thick layer of dust and pollen hanging in the air. Wild animals are coming up to houses looking for moisture just too survive. It’s bad. I keep one of the faucets out back on constant drip for them to have a drink. I forget how many weeks or months it’s been since we’ve experienced any significant rainfall, but it’s getting desperate folks. Please pray for us that our merciful LORD will open the heavens to send rain. Thanks. God is good ❤ and always answers prayer according to His will. May it please Him for us to enjoy some rain.

Today’s Word Of The Day is: Erudite. Hubby and I are studying to be erudite students in the Word of God. (Sounds cool, huh? ha ha) Right now we’re both fascinated with learning the Book of Genesis. I feel like I’m in way over my pay scale but I’m trying. In Sunday School we’re supposed to start studying the book of Revelations soon. Then they’ll all get to see how uneducated I really am. lol

youth for climate change

Just had to share my thoughts on this alleged ‘climate change’ business. It is an ancient pagan religion. They are Chicken Little’s worrying about the sky falling. No way on this planet would I allow my kid to attend a Public School anymore. They’ve gone to hell in a hand-basket … literally. 😦 So sad.

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Thankful Thursday

Today’s Devotional
Jude 1:20-21 NIV


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There’s so much to be thankful for! I try to always be thankful for the eternal salvation offered through the innocent shed blood of our loving LORD Jesus Christ. He alone can save us from eternal damnation. He also can free us from our sins if we allow Him. I’m learning to pray to ask God to show me my sins that I may work with Him in stopping whatever behavior or beliefs are displeasing to my LORD. I feel like I’m always Under Construction in that department. 🙂

I’m thankful for those who are bold enough and intelligent enough to put into words what is ailing in our society (this includes all mankind). This is a MUST READ: The Left Are Neolithic Pagan Sociopaths … I’ve been shouting this from the ‘mountain tops’ for years now. This fellow has put it into perfect words. It’s also yet another reason we do NOT watch new movies nor have DirecTV anymore.

I think tomorrow the Sociopaths at FaceBook lift my 30 days commenting ban (I was sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the dangers of the Muslim ‘religion’). I’ve got lots of comments stored up folks. 😉 They won’t know what hit ’em. Plus, I’ll be going private on FB. No more allowing Followers at my site. Some of them were those Baal worshiping goat-buggers and I’m banning them.

We’ve both got Doctor’s appointments today for our 6 months checkups. This time I scheduled them for about the same time at the same place. I’m getting smart in my old age. I know, ’bout time, right!? lol So, it’s safe to say, I’m very thankful for doctors and nurses who try to help us stay healthy.

Catch ya on the flip flop friends!

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Thankful Thursday

Today’s Devotional
Ephesians 4:1 NIV


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There’s so much to be thankful for, isn’t there! I’m first and foremost thankful for what Jesus did for all mankind on the cross. He shed His innocent blood, and suffered the agony of taking on all my / our sins, that all may be saved. [John 3:16] We are created to love God. I try to show my love for Him the best this frail, broken, sinful body can, but I fail constantly. But I’m thankful that He loves me anyway and is willing to take the time to correct my innumerable faults to His glory.

Every child is created by our loving Father God, therefore, every child born can have a bright, happy future, if they trained in the way of the LORD and they so chose it. However, these young hoods in Georgia chose death and reaped what they sowed. At least here in the South, we can dispatch our vermin when they go off the rails. It’s yet another reason I’m thankful to live in Georgia. If a perp tries to rob or break in, they get carried out in a box with very little fanfare. They’ll be thrown out with the rubbish, never to be remembered or mourned. Sad that it has to be that way but it is what it is. On the innocent homeowners end, that’s some good shootin’. 😉 He outta get a medal.

I am thankful for our First Responders, especially ICE Agents, Border Agents, Police and the like. They are the first and last line of defense against a lawless government and the invading army with ill intent.

I’m thankful for education. Our Country needs to go back to teaching real history again or we’re going to keep suffering more of the above.


I’m thankful for you Dear Reader, that you care enough to read my simple musings. Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments.

And since I don’t want to suffer from logorrhea, I’ll bring this to a close.

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Today’s Devotional
Proverbs 10:19 NIV


~ ~ ~

new sign over entertainment ctr 17 SEP 2019

Steve fixed the Jeremiah 29:11 sign yesterday. When he brought it into the house he said, “Here’s your sign …” lol ‘Course, I had to trash up the wall even more with artificial sunflowers. I can’t have any empty spaces on the walls. It’s against my religion. giggle

I might mow the acreage today. Even with the severe drought, the grass is still getting out of hand. At least I could move the sand around and make it all nice and neat. Gotta work with what one has. 🙂

Today’s Word Of The Day is: Submontane. Living here in the Southeast Georgia flatlands as we do, submontane is nothing we’ll be doing anytime soon.

And, on that note, I’ll say ‘bye for now. Got some grass and weeds to whip in line. Hope y’all have a blessed day!

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