Tuesday Before The Storm

Today’s Devotional
Proverbs 18:2 NIV


I thought that since I can no longer share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on FaceBook, it would be good measure to daily profile The Word here. The only thing I miss about FB is the daily interaction with all my loving Church buddy’s, but I see them in person more often than not, and that’s even better than the coldness of (un)social media. 😉


For those of you who may not know, I live in Southeastern Georgia, 50 miles from the coast. Therefore, we, and all of Florida, are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best concerning Hurricane Dorian. Our local predictions are very little rain with mostly wind gusts. Wednesday night Prayer Service and all the Bible study’s have been cancelled. To God be the glory for there’s plenty of our medicines on hand, food in the larder, propane in the generator, and gasoline in the pickup truck. I think we’re “ready”. As ready as one can be when dealing with a force of nature. But, I am reminded that God created and controls nature. He is in the winds. We are all in His loving Hands at all times. Our plans are to mostly stay inside, watch DVD’s and/or surfing the ‘net. Oh, I have invited our Best Bud’s over for lunch, if they feel like it’s safe enough. They live not too far distant. I love their company and hope they can make it. Anyway, if there’s any devastation, however slight, I will be sure to share photos.

And how can I forget?! During my hiatus from this blog, I traded the 2013 Honda CB1100 and bought a 2015 Honda NC700X. It was new. Never been tagged. Sitting all lonely and forlorn on the dealership floor. 🙂 I just had to take it home. Gotta super good deal from the dealership down in Jacksonville, Florida. Steve rode it home for me the day we bought it because it was so bloody hot (100 degrees!), of course. Once home, after just a few spins on it, I love this bike. I call it my little Scooter Pooper. lol First thing I did was trash it up with stickers. And, just my luck, I’ve had to have two minor surgeries which have rendered me useless on two wheels!

big toe after surgery 01 AUG 2019

August 1st my gear shifter toe (left big toe) had to have an ingrown toenail removed (ewww, I know!). Couldn’t wear closed in shoes, let along put any pressure on it. Yipes!

arm after cancer removal 26 AUG 2019

Then, August 26th, I had a basal cell pre-cancer removed from my right wrist. I mean, what’s next!? Opps, don’t ask, right?! lol All are healing nicely but I’m still grounded. The stitches will be removed from the wrist next week. If this is some kind of test, I hope I passed and it’s over. :\

That’s it for now. Hope I haven’t bored anyone to tears. Thanks for visiting and I pray all are safe and away from any storms in your lives.

Ride Safe In Christ My Friends,