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1 Peter 2:16 NIV


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Ok, so, the arm where the pre-cancer basal cell was removed almost two weeks ago is badly infected. The nice young lady at the Dermatology office removed the stitches. And now I’m on three different antibiotics. Two are oral, one is topical. I hope they work because yesterday I was sick as a dog. First I was freezing and shaking, then I was sweating. I can’t eat. The only thing I could keep down was Coca-Cola and bread. It was miserable.

jack and sam in the back 30 MAR 2019

Today is a Take It Easy Day around Red Bird Acres. I think even exercising may have to wait for a day or two. I’ve got to get over this infection. I’m sitting here in my office over looking the front lawn watching The Boys run around like a couple of kids. Sammy (on the right) is doing his “zoomies” (just like Forrest Gump, he just felt like running). 🙂 He’s barking, chasing squirrels, butterflies and any hapless critter that’s within his line of vision.


Jack is more laid back and waits for brother to kill something before moving. He reminds me of the Bill Cosby joke how Fat Albert don’t like to run.

I pray y’all have a wonderful Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday School and Church. The best day of the week.


9 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Umm…if you continue to feel badly, Sparky, you might be having a reaction to the Cephax antibotic. Keep an eye on that, ok?

    Love seeing the boys-they are adorable, smiles. Waving to Steve. smiles

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    1. That’s true. I did have a bad reaction at first but it’s stopped now, so, guess I’m OK? I’ll keep an eye on it though. Thanks! Have a blessed day my friend. ❤

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  2. Our cats do zoomies through the house! LOL That incision and subsequent infection looks really bad! Are the docs taking responsibility? Sure hope you begin to feel better soon!!

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    1. I remember our cats doing zoomies too! It’s so fun to watch. I love to watch animals play.
      The infection was bad. As far as responsibility, I think I’m probably mostly to blame. I am terribly negligent about medical things. In fairness, for now, I blame myself. 🙂 I’ve prayed about it and left it with my loving Father God.
      Thank you for the kind thoughts. You’re always so thoughtful.
      I pray you and Joe are healing well and back to ‘hitting on all 6’ soon. ❤

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