Today’s Devotional
Psalm 127:1 NKJV


~ ~ ~


As one who has actually had a house build, I know the above Scripture to be especially true. All through out, and before, the build, I and my husband prayed over and about the house that would someday call home. God has honored our prayers with joy, safety, peace and well being, even through the storms of life. He always answers prayer.

Today will be busy: paying bills, post office run, groceries and lunch with a new friend who has become very dear to us. Steve has kind of adopted this gentleman like the son we never had. This guy is a brother in Christ and a fellow brother at FAITH Riders. It’s an ancient sad story, played out thousands of times around the world: his wife of 25 years had up and walked out on him and left him practically destitute (he is disabled). Steve has been his phone support. We’ve taken him a few groceries, prayed/with for him and so forth. Thankfully, there’s no alcohol or drug abuse involved on either side but the she side does have a new squeeze (before the split up), so, I tend to think that’s the basis of all their woes. Irregardless, we love him and her both and pray for their welfare. I pray also for us that there will be no taking sides in the arguments. I’ve learned that when outsiders take sides in any problem all that does is muddy the waters and cause more hard feelings. Chaos is not from Jesus. We are all praying that God will heal their marriage. For me and the Hubby, our only job is to love them both and try to be there emotionally when needed. This is a real learning curve for me. The way I was raised was don’t get involved and don’t help people because ‘they deserve it’ (my father’s words). But believing in Jesus has given me a new heart. I try to be more kindly to those who are going through troubles, whether I think they’ve created those troubles or not. That’s none of my business. I’m a sinner too. I make my own problems and pray for His mercy too. Thank you LORD Jesus for teaching me to love ❤ like You do.

The wound in my arm is finally healing. The Dermatologist yesterday looked favorably on the area. I made sure to tell her I’m certain this was all my fault. I took the bandages off way too quickly and then showered. A BIG no no! The water had seeped into the wound and the infection started. See, I can make my own problems too. lol We all need mercy and forgiveness.

Have a happy day folks!