Thankful Thursday

Today’s Devotional
Romans 15:13 NIV

~ ~ ~

Since it’s Thursday, we’re entertaining Steve’s Mom again. After a lot of trial and error, we’ve learned it’s more convenient for us to pick her up at the nursing home, then bring her here or go out to eat, on Thursday’s. I’m thankful that his Mom has transitioned into a more caring human being now. [Just keeping it real, as my good friend Linda would say.] 🙂 I’m pretty sure it was the ‘drink’ that was making her obnoxious, selfish and uncaring all these years because basically, she is a good person. Now that’s she’s in the home, I’ve weaned her off the stuff without her even knowing it. Now she’s a water or Coke drinker, and that makes for more pleasant conversations.

The Word For The Day is: Gregarious. And that’s what Steve’s Mom has become since she’s off the sauce and living at the nursing home. She’s no longer morose or weird. She’s become the Social Butterfly of Floor 6. I’m so happy for her!

I’m thankful that one day it will rain again. It is so dry here. Right now the drought, the heat and the lovebugs have made going outside a misery. Everyone’s vehicles are plastered with those nasty smelling fleshy things. When the LORD was creating the earth, I wish he’s left them off the list. :\ Lovebugs are like Demoncrats: they have no purpose other than to annoy, they smell bad, they lead one into immoral thoughts and all you want to do is eliminate them from your presence. 😉 But, He always knows best. I’m sure there’s a reason even for things that are pure petulance.

So, with that said, hope y’all have a wonderful day!