Today’s Devotional
John 3:36 NIV


~ ~ ~

new entertainment center

The new entertainment center turned out just as nice as I’d hoped. It’s so much smaller than the monstrosity that was hogging the whole wall. When disassembling the old one yesterday, we had to call for backup from a very good, reliable friend. What a brouhaha that was getting that monster cabinet apart and in the motorcycle trailer. It’s For Sale at Marketplace on FaceBook but if it doesn’t sell, it goes to the local auction Tuesday and then it’s his headache. Thank you LORD for this blessing.

I’m still decorating. I’m thinking it would be nice to display a long sign with Holy Scripture written on it. One of those Farm House looking decorations. I think I’ll have to make my own. All the signs I’ve seen are for a small area. I want mine to go all the way across the wall over the TV and DVD storage. The letters don’t have to be big, only the sign. That’s the plan as of now, anyway. 😉 That’s subject to change without notice. lol

Today’s Word Of The Day is: Syzygy. That’s gonna be a toughy to incorporate into a sentence. Oh, I know, today we’re lunching with Steve’s Mom and his married niece Deborah and her offspring. They’re traveling up from Jax ‘to see Grandma’. The niece and her household are regrettably Demoncrats 😦 (or, as I call them, Useful Idiots), so, I guess we’ll be lucky to experience any syzygy in our conversation today. Yeah, ok, I’ll be good. 🙂 Scouts Honor. If she starts singing the praises of Ovomit I promise not to gag (too loudly).

And, on that happy note, I pray y’all have a peaceful, joyful, relaxing day. Wish we could ride to lunch but the road is sooooo super sandy. I won’t risk it. May the LORD bless and keep you.