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Romans 8:6 NIV


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It’s that time again, tonight is our monthly Bike Night gathering at the Church. We’re having pulled pork and all the fixin’s. 🙂 I wish everyone here could join us. We do have a lovely time of fellowship, eats, and lots of laughter. With our Keto diet we’ll have to stick to only the meat but that’s OK. I simply enjoy the fellowship.

The drought is worsening. There are dead trees everywhere. It is powder dry. There is a thick layer of dust and pollen hanging in the air. Wild animals are coming up to houses looking for moisture just too survive. It’s bad. I keep one of the faucets out back on constant drip for them to have a drink. I forget how many weeks or months it’s been since we’ve experienced any significant rainfall, but it’s getting desperate folks. Please pray for us that our merciful LORD will open the heavens to send rain. Thanks. God is good ❤ and always answers prayer according to His will. May it please Him for us to enjoy some rain.

Today’s Word Of The Day is: Erudite. Hubby and I are studying to be erudite students in the Word of God. (Sounds cool, huh? ha ha) Right now we’re both fascinated with learning the Book of Genesis. I feel like I’m in way over my pay scale but I’m trying. In Sunday School we’re supposed to start studying the book of Revelations soon. Then they’ll all get to see how uneducated I really am. lol

youth for climate change

Just had to share my thoughts on this alleged ‘climate change’ business. It is an ancient pagan religion. They are Chicken Little’s worrying about the sky falling. No way on this planet would I allow my kid to attend a Public School anymore. They’ve gone to hell in a hand-basket … literally. 😦 So sad.

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