Good Friday Thoughts


I know all the world is being used as stooge’s for the over-reaching tyranny to come. They’re using fear of a disease to control the masses. Even the so-called “Conservative” Governors are in lockstep with the devil worshiping Left with the Shelter-In-Place and/or Lock-downs. I think that we’re very close to the Rapture of the Saints and thus the revealing of the Man of Perdition (Anti-Christ) during the Tribulation but I have no special insight or anything.
One thing that is really glaring about all the ‘stay in place’ nonsense is WHY such urgency with all the repatriating of so many travelers from all over the world? Weird, huh? To me, it’s amazingly similar to the time when Christ was about to be born (in the Spring, again very similar circumstances) and all the head of household citizens of, what was then, the “world” government (Rome), had go to their place of birth to be counted.
Well, no matter what happens now or in the future, I’m so beyond thankful we have the innocent blood Jesus Christ our LORD to cover our sins. [John 3:16] Without Him we would have no hope of eternal salvation.  Even if they kill us, because of Jesus, we win. [Romans 8:31] That’s why His sacrifice is called Good Friday. 
Have a blessed Good Friday y’all. Keep looking up.

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