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So true, isn’t it? Jesus and germs are everywhere, and no matter how hard we try or hide away or fret or pass laws or restrict liberties, nothing will ever change any of that. Best thing to do is pray, be as careful as possible, and keep moving forward. If we ever get to move forward as a Nation again, that is. There are times when I feel that twinge of doubt. I know most things are temporary, but once these Tin Horn Despot Demoncrat Governors, Mayors, Sheriffis, and so forth, got that bit between their teeth, they act like they can do any lawless thing they’ve got a mind too without any detrimental consequences. 😦 Even as a Bible believing Christian, I know … I know … God is still in control, but sometimes … well, I’m simply weary of the whole hysteria “wear a mask, wash your hands” business. I’ll leave it at that. 😉  The sign and the metal sconce hang in our Guest Bath. My Dad made that sconce many, many years ago.  He was not a nice person but he did do fairly good woodworking.

gopher turtle 18 APR 2020

We did our usual walk around the property yesterday, As I approached the fence up against the cemetery, I spotted Maggie trying to harass one of our neighbors: a juvenile Gopher Tortoise. Isn’t he or she adorable? “He” is too young to sex at the moment at only about one year old. After the photo session, for which he so kindly posed for us, Steve took him across the road onto our neighbors 40 acres and him go in a clearing with lots of nice sand to dig in. Much safer there. No dogs. We have three, dogs that is. Our Jack Russell Terriers would make a turtle pie out of the little guy. 😮 Mustn’t allow that!

maggie looking cute APR 2020

Speaking of dogs, Maggie (the roadside rescue from October of last year), has grown a bit more. She was about 12 pounds, now she seems to be at least 17. The Vet estimated she’ll be one year old this coming June. She had stopped growing, I thought she was full size, but then suddenly she had a spurt, and seems to be fully grown now. This dog … she is so adorable, but golly she’s a handful! I had a time making all 6 1/2 acres of field fence openings covered down low so she wouldn’t take off exploring! She was workin’ me to death. And since we know nothing of her history before we found her, and going by her personality and looks, we think that she is a Feist, or mostly so, anyways. Whatever she is, the little stinker has stolen our hearts. ❤

I finished reading “Pillars Of The Earth” and am now half way through “World Without End“, both novels by Ken Follett. I could do without the graphic details about lovemaking and the filthy language, but I’m managing to see these events approaching in the story, and skip over that part. Other than that it’s not too shabby. I’ve enjoyed the first story immensely. The second novel is leaving me cold. I’m having a hard time liking any of the characters, especially one of the main ones, Caris Wooler. I won’t spoil it here why but I don’t admire her at all. I like the other main character, Merthin FitzGerald. Anyway, that’s my two cents after taxes. lol

Oh, and before I forget, for those of y’all that are my friends on FaceBook as well as here, I’ve kinda / sorta stopped going there. I’ve turned off all notifications and private messages. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently, can’t say. Not angry nor banned (this time) but am weary of all the constant “like” and “share” graphics. Some of them have to be over 10 years old too. It’s sooooo boring. I won’t delete the account but if any of y’all “need” me, send an e-mail or call. If you don’t have that info and are a friend, just ask, I’ll send the info your way.

I miss my Church family but it’s starting to feel normal again not to attend, like in the Old Days before finding this congregation. That’s worrisome … sigh Please pray for me. Thanks. Have a blessed Sunday folks.


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

  1. It was good to catch up with you here. I understand what you mean about Facebook. I am tired of it too and rarely post there any more nor read what is posted. I miss going to the church building too and pray it wont be too much longer until we can gather again. Hope your Sunday is a good one and you get a blessing from online church today.

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  2. I know how to reach ya, wink. I am growing so weary of this fascist stuff going on, maybe that is the point? To wear us down so we will comply? That is so not going to happen. And honestly, I think it is having an opposite affect. After 40 something days under fascist rule with out nipple ring loving governor, enough is enough…but he is going to prove a point and crush us out here in the West/Southern Tier.

    ANYWAYS—way off on topic…I agree and understand what you are saying about trusting the Lord. I hope and pray you guys have a beautiful day.

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  3. **** CAREFUL ****
    That one above that clicked “like” on my blog called “Mowaves” is a SPAMMER site of the WORST kind! It’s live s*x site!! So disgusting. Wish there was someway to block them. DO NOT CLICK ON IT’S ICON!!
    I’ve prayed for them.
    God bless you.


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