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This is one of those “too good not to share” posts I saw on a friends timeline (I have corrected many of the misspelled words and some of the grammar):
(h/t to Simply Linda)

Posted by a friend, not my words. But I tend to agree and question.
At first I complied even though in my gut, I knew there was something off with all of this. I complied with suggestions and then orders…even though I told many of my great discernment regarding the agendas surrounding covid19. I complied but kept my eyes and ears open.
I have nothing to gain by sharing this, most likely, I will lose, honestly, because so many are asleep. Here is why I’m no longer complying. I will not be revealing sources in order to protect them so you will have to pray about who, government or a simpleton, you will believe. You will have the opportunity to choose what’s best for your family while respecting mine:

1) Ask yourself why this response from the govt for covid19 and not ANY other virus in the history of ever. Covid19, like all viruses, attack the immune-compromised. This is unfortunate yet, it’s the way viruses operate. So, while this is a different virus, it acts the same in who it takes down.

2) Ask yourself why news stations are using hospital images from other countries yet the headlines read “overwhelmed hospital staff in New York fighting covid19.” Why is the media taking clips of medical staff rolling down the hall with mannequins instead of real people? Don’t take my word for it…look it up yourselves.

3) Ask yourself why, at a time when America was experiencing solid economic health, stock & housing markets are booming, our president survived an assassination attempt via an “impeachment” trial, an election year….why was the response to a virus to shut down an entire nation?

4) Ask yourselves why Doctors and Coroners are being directed by our government to lie. They are being told to pad the numbers. Why? Because the numbers just aren’t supporting all this upheaval. They are being told to list all non murder deaths as covid19. Why? There are many reasons which I’ll share throughout this. If you die of a heart attack, covid19. If you die of a stroke, covid19. If you die of pneumonia, covid19. That. Is. Insane.

5) Ask yourself why patients who are placed on ventilators are dying AND ask yourself why is it that the govt put in place that no Doctor or hospital can be sued for wrongful death if they are a covid19 patient AND then you will connect the dots as to why Coroners and Doctor’s are being ordered to list all non murder deaths as covid19. The ventilators are death sentences because that treatment is absolutely wrong. Doctors are coming out sharing that high doses of natural supplements and oxygenation of the blood are showing a positive response in covid patients. Yet that doesn’t line the pockets and that doesn’t give hospitals kickbacks.

6) Ask yourself why Doctor’s and Nurses are speaking out revealing that they just aren’t seeing what is being reported? There are layoffs and cutting of hours because hospitals across the nation are ghost towns and not only in non-hotspots.

7) Ask yourself why government authorities stand shoulder-to-shoulder from from one another, touching their faces, rubbing their eyes and noses, while demanding from the American people to socially distance, “6 feet apart and no groups larger than 10.” Seriously?

8) Brush up on history…World and American. I believe, and there is evidence abroad, that this virus was man made. Why? Because there are agendas deeply seeded within the wicked hearts of many. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. How do you control a people? With fear. When governing powers use fear, the people will surrender freedoms…willingly exchanging it for “safety.” Study history.

9) Ask yourself if China wants another 4 years of Trump as President. Just research fair trade war. We were winning.

10) Ask yourself why it is that Dr. Fauci is HEAVILY invested in the vaccine industry because the vaccine industry makes MONEY. He is very close to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is, well, that’s an entire post of it’s own (research yourself). He is advising our entire country. Look into the countries who are NOT listening to fear but rather choosing to go against these powers and keeping their countries open and operating. They give the information of covid and advise the immune compromised to consider staying indoors (like any other ole virus) but they are using herd immunity on the general, healthy population. Why? Because history proves it works and guess what? It’s working now.

11) Ask yourself, while considering the fact that vitamins A, B, C, D and zinc strengthens the average person’s immune system, why the government is heavily invested in “antibodies” tests and vaccines for covid19. Why are they going further with talks of an “antibodies/immunity registry?” The government has NEVER been able to force vaccines. They are still trying. Will you be able to return to work without a vaccine? Will students be able to return to schools without one? Are you willing to pump a foreign substance into your body which has not stood the test of time proving it’s worth or risk?

12) Ask yourself if taking supplements makes the government money…or if vaccines do. If you’re new to the truths found within the vaccine industry, brew a cup of coffee and familiarize yourself.

13) Ask yourself why they are pressuring President Trump to lift his refusal in allowing aborted baby tissue, cells, etc for the covid vaccine research because they have expressed they need these aborted babies in order to create a covid19 vaccine.

14) Ask yourself why churches are closed yet kill mills (abortion clinics) remain open. Not for emergencies, not for those few cases the mother’s health is in jeopardy but for business as usual. Why are liquor stores open yet we cannot sit inside our cars at our church parking lots without police officers showing up, recording license plates, issuing fines for noncompliance? One may say regarding the liquor stores remaining open, “well, addicts would go into withdrawals and overwhelm our hospitals.” You mean the empty hospitals whose staff are scratching their heads at the lack of covid19 patients? Back to Church, why is it that socially distancing is not enough : socially distancing in vehicles, never exiting, while worshiping yet they are using this to encourage a police state?

15) Ask yourself why they are encouraging the American people to rat out their neighbors regarding social gathering or illnesses? Why it is being entertained that if you do not report a sick family member it gives them the power to come into your homes and remove them. Can. You. Imagine? Hitler anyone? Last I checked it is my right to stay home, self quarantine, and treat my illness as I see fit JUST AS I’VE DONE FOR MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE. We don’t use doctors for viruses we stay at home, treat and recover without any vaccines or hospital intervention.

16) Election year: now there is a push for mailing ballots because of covid19. Can you imagine the fraud? If you don’t see a red flag in this, again, brush up on what party has been pushing for this for some time. I’m not saying this to divide, just being observant.
There are SO MANY pieces to covid19. No one, including myself, has all the pieces in order to complete the puzzle. However, most Americans feel something is not quite right…trust that. It’s called discernment. Observe, pray, listen, decide for yourselves.
Even though I felt in my heart to resist against the covid19 narrative, I complied so that I could have time to put some pieces together. Now, I’m listening to medical personnel who are being told to LIE. I’m listening to coroners who are being told to list all non-murder deaths as covid19 (very trustworthy, honorable, firsthand friends and family). I’m listening to the front-line workers who are revealing that the vents are not working but rather killing these patients because it’s the WRONG TREATMENT. I’m listening to the Doctors and medical personnel who are as puzzled as we are because the numbers are simply NOT THERE. The news media is lying, the government is lying, and we are the ones who suffer our families, ourselves, our communities, our states, our country, our economy.

Buckle up and prepare. There are agendas and wicked hearts behind this. Brace for significant impact.

AND, may I add, #Defy, #DoNotComply.


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  1. You know, when the pundits/celebs etc. are cursing and such about the President’s tweets about Liberate–well, you know, than that is right answer-L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E. We have neighbors who have been in NH (visiting their daughter) during this whole lockdown and they returned yesterday and are mandated 14 day quarantine (their address and names were taken) and also, road blocks are set up along our borders, yep. SO talk about communist —our governor is a leader in emperor clothing.

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    1. Yeah, that is pathetic, Cuomo, that is. He’s one piece of …. work. 😉 I’ll be thankful when y’all are safely across the State line into wherever it is y’all end up. New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Kalifornica, Washington, Oregon, etc. are all h*llholes. It just brings home how important it is to never give up the Right to Bear Arms. Gives the devil too much ammo to restrict citizens.

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  2. Reminds me of a scene from “The Red Violin”, one of my favorite movies, when neighbors rat out a man to the police for the hideous crime of possessing a violin, a vile symbol of capitalist culture.

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