Sunday Musings And A Birthday

me with honda nc700x 03 FEB 2020

No Church today because of Dr. Ninnie Scardy Cat 😦 is running things. sigh I didn’t know the Head Deacon has that much power in a Church (we are between Pastors). Yeah, I’m not happy about that … soooo … who needs ’em!? lol We’re going for a ride.

steve wearing fedora JAN 2017

And today is Steve’s 72nd! Happy Birthday Darlin’! ❤ That photo was snapped at a Church function in 2017. We’ve both lost a LOT of weight since then. He’s had to endure a triple bypass. So, I try to thank the LORD daily that my sweet husband is still here on earth with me. I’m so very grateful he hasn’t been called Home yet.

Catch ya later folks!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings And A Birthday

  1. I am sorry you cant have your church this morning…..I know it means a lot to you. Ours is on at 10:50 online and on the tv and I will be there! Enjoy your ride.

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    1. We have on-line too that’s why we scooted back. What a lovely day to be outside!! Hope your weather improved. Thanks for dropping by. Love.


  2. Wishing Steve a very happy birthday!! No way are you 72, Steve!! You look great, smiles.

    Have a beautiful week, friends. smiles

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