Let’s Be Those Points Of Light


One of my many Christian friends on FB shared this graphic today and it set me to thinking. (Always a dangerous prospect, right? lol) Well, it’s a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately.

Have any of y’all ever seen the movie that was made from the book “The Shack”? I didn’t like the movie (thought it was highly inaccurate and downright blasphemous, in some way) but, anyway, at the end when the main character at The Shack is talking to the actress (yeah … a female!) that was portraying “God”, the figures walking out of the darkness were only points of light. There were no distinguishable faces or races or social standings. It was supposed to represent all those who believe in Jesus Christ. This one image on the screen set me to thinking. Perhaps that part of the movie might be somewhat accurate. I think, according to the Scriptures and my own opinion, that when our perfect Holy Father God looks at us, all He sees is the Light. When we give our hearts to Jesus we let Him in. So, the Light inside us is a reflection from Jesus. It’s His goodness, His sacrifice, His love, His perfection. Our dear loving Father God doesn’t see white, black, male, female, wealth or poor, nor political party only the reflection from His Son. So, I think, this is how we are also to live. If I understand correctly, the LORD doesn’t see those who are still living in their sins. They are as invisible to Him. Our job is to love those still living in darkness and bring them into His Light but sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day in every way. Don’t worry about if we’re “OK” or not. He has taken care of all that because He’s already been to this day, and the next, and the next, and to all eternity. Let’s. Just. Keep. Going. Forward.

That’s what’s been bouncing around in my puny squishy brain these days. We need to love one another more and yell less. And, I am NOT calling for allowing the lawlessness to continue nor that there shouldn’t be any punishment. It’s imperative that criminals be punished and that we still be situationally aware, vote for those who will uphold the Constitution and carry arms for protection. I know I will.

That said, though, dear fellow believers, let’s immerse ourselves in prayer, fasting, and reading His Holy Word. Let’s keep praying for our Country, our elected officials, our citizens, our Church and especially, our First Responders. These are such dangerous times. I’m so concerned about the souls of those who don’t know Christ as their personal LORD and Saviour because I think the Age of Grace clock is about to run out, but, again, that’s only my opinion. Perhaps it’s only the end of good Christian values determining the course of our society.


Onward Christian Soldiers! For we are in a spiritual war for lost souls.

Those are my thoughts for today. Thank you for listening. Let me know yours! God bless. ❤

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Be Those Points Of Light

  1. I did not see the Shack so cant comment on it but I can say I agree with you about the world we are living in today. I believe that God is coming soon and that we all need to be ready at any given moment. God loves all His children, no matter color or country. Have a blessed Sunday.

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  2. What’s an excellent post. Encouraging and uplifting. I have always had the opinion that when we get saved and are in the body of Christ that’s that is what our father sees. But what do I know?

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  3. Indeed…and no I didn’t see that movie. I am not sure if I could sit there and watch a movie that has a woman portraying Christ (ok, there is the truth, lol).

    Have a beautiful day, friends. I love that you are back to blogging. smiles

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  4. Never have seen that movie but I agree that God is not a respecter of personalities, wealth, status, sex or race; He sees those who are his children through adoption into His family by the blood of His precious Son Jesus Christ. Points of light as you have so rightly stated, reflecting the righteousness Of Christ Jesus that is in believers.

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  5. “Our job is to love those still living in darkness ” That, to me, is the bottom line. We pray for members of BLM, not hate them, not wish them bad….but pray for them. And if we all did, what a world we’d have..HIS WORLD. I’d love to know where Scripture says God doesn’t see sinners….I know he no longer sees sin in Believers………. But I’d like that Scripture. I’m hoping He does as He calls them to Himself. I hope I don’t sound like I’m challenging you…I’m sincerely curious and eager to know. Thanks!! Have a blessed day!!

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