Here We Go Again And Again And …

I’m in FaceBook jail for 7 days again because of the Chinese overlord crack heads that do unspeakable things during Zoom meetings. This link below is banned on FB.

The ban this time was supposedly over that I was posting facts about the Covid-19 survivability rate (still at 99+%). The basement dwellers state that I was “endangering others”. Yeah, that made me laugh too. Gee, I didn’t know I had that much power. *lol* The Cancel Culture is the last place to hide for school yard bullies, I guess.


What a sad, evil world. I pray for all these people. They’re lost and going to eternal damnation if they don’t get saved.

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again And Again And …

  1. So crazy! It’s so maddening. Here in West Michigan there is an apple orchard that has a little store, restaurant and does lots of fun Fall things. Ivana Trump stopped there on Tuesday, and now FB is banning posts about them, blocking their posts. Grrr! Sorry you are in jail…

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    1. Covid-19 has become a part of the devil worshipers religion. It’s the Branch Covidians. The demon possession is real. Stay safe out there.


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