Happy Caturday

Not much happening in our neck of the woods this weekend. Steve is attending a gun show in neighboring Brunswick. He’s back into hand loading again. Bless his heart, he is having such a good time rebuilding supplies and such. Makes me happy to see him enjoying it. Since I’ve seen all the gun shows that one can possibly see, I decided to stay in the county to run a few errands and get a little yard work done. Somehow, I miscalculated on groceries this week anyway, and am running out of essentials, like Half & Half! Can’t survive without that in my coffee! My bad. *giggle*

Here’s hoping your day is happy and bright. And, for the good of the Country, may the graphic below be fulfilled soon! Stay strong Patriots.

5 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

    1. I know BIG THUMBS UP on the graphic! Ha ha!
      Glad you’ll e-mail or text. I’m still blocked on FB and that includes the Private Messages. sigh Such wickedness.
      Love and blessings for all y’all. ❤ 🙂

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  1. I like that graphic! Here in our town we had a Patriot March. Lots of people showed up with flags and Trump signs. Some BLM folks showed up too. Standing Strong!
    Bob also likes gun shows. I’ve seen enough too and would have missed it.

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