Tuesday Tidbits

It’s a quiet day in the ‘hood. I was going to mow, but the zero-turning radius mower decided that today it would rest. That’s a bummer. So, I’ve been trimming, picking up limbs and other yard debris all over the acreage. The fun never stops. *lol* Steve is deer hunting in nearby woods. I heard a rifle report earlier. Sent him a text with the enigmatic query, “Was that you?” He wrote back his response and said he was looking for said quarry. The wood are really thick at that hunting spot. Hope he can find it this side of supper.

So, now the quaesitum for me is, what to do next? I’ll give that question some quiet reflection. Perhaps this is a God Moment and I should dedicate this moment of tranquility to reading His Word. Perhaps study next Sunday’s lesson. I’m sure the answer exists there. Even today’s devotional points this wanderer in that direction.

Proverbs 1:7 NIV

Hopefully, I won’t succumb to the siren call of surfing on the ‘net or shopping.

I pray y’all have a joyful day!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. You know, one good thing that has come out of your being kicked off FB, your posting on your blog again (ducking) lol. I hope you have a beautiful day friend.

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    1. lol I know, right?! The jail sentence has played itself out and I do think I’ll stay here. I’m done playing silly buggers with the Chinese FaceBook ‘Fact Checkers’. I read on Forbes last night that if one has the FB app on their phone FACEBOOK IS TRACKING YOU. Steve and I deleted our apps off the phones last night. boom Done and done. I’ll only visit there when I’m on the computer and only to share a photo or thought there. They can now kiss my rosey red … motorcycle. grin I was good. Thanks for caring about what I think about things. Y’all are the best. ❤ 🙂

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  2. Sorry Steve missed that deer! Bob is getting things ready for hunting in November.
    I too am far too often lulled into reading on the internet… instead of the word.

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    1. Thank you. When one trusts Christ, it’s easier to be of ‘like mind’ (in a good way). And thank you for the follow. I like your blog too.
      Hope your day is blessed! 🙂


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