9 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Today is one of the most important days since the founding of this country as a Constitutional Republic. Voters can choose whether to remain thus or to vote themselves into shackles of socialism and communism. Vote against all who advocate a socialist state; their intentions are evil.

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  2. So good, thanks, Pam and Steven…….My heart is particularly sad about well known Christian leaders who are couching/hiding their disdain for Trump in Biblical and philosophical CRAP which brings them “thiiiiis close” to saying DO NOT VOTE TRUMP but they don’t have the guts.
    This is a good answer to them and worth reading. God bless you both and yes, PRAY PRAY PRAY.
    Beautiful post, Pam!!

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    1. Thanks Z. So-called ‘religious leaders’ who say things like that do give one pause and wonder if they truly do believe in the risen Christ. Our Pastor said he openly questioned many of his ‘teachers’ in Seminary if they even believed in Jesus because they were/are so far to the Left. God bless y’all too. 🙂


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