Difficult Situations

God, in His mercy, showed me something this morning. I was late reading Monday’s devotional, so, I read this today. He reminded me that He is bigger than our petty concerns. He is awesome, indeed terrifying. He is powerful. Our futures are entirely in His hand. My thoughts are that as His children we should pray and sing songs of praise like the Apostle Paul & Silas did in Acts 4:31. God can even shift the atmosphere that He created to His bidding and His will for His glory just as He did for those brave men of God 2000 years ago.

This is the Devotional in it’s entirety. Hope it’s readable:

So, I will pray for understanding and an earthquake moment surrounding January 20th. May it please the LORD to bring these wicked men and women to their knees and to eternal salvation. That they may have a new heart, but even if that doesn’t happen, to God be the glory and we will still trust Him. No matter what.

Prayers for us all. Let’s place our trust and faith in Jesus.

8 thoughts on “Difficult Situations

  1. It’s always difficult to be joyful in the face of turmoil and persecution but our Father calls us to do exactly that. Our Apostle, Paul was joyful even when imprisoned and facing execution; he was joyful that God continued to use him as a messenger of the Good News, Christ paid for our sins on the cross, believe and become God’s child.

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    1. That’s exactly what I was trying to convey. You always say it so much better than me. Thank you. Love you honey. Onward Christian Soldiers! ❤


  2. Wow – is that timely or what? I too tend to pray – asking God to fix things or thinking this is not fair…. I remind myself that God is in control, but I don’t always like what’s happening and I’m not praising.
    Thank you for sharing this – it really touched me!

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    1. I was doing that too! My prayers were more like a pity party than done with reverence and trust to the God of the Universe. I am greatly in awe that my loving Saviour would even care what I do, say or think about. He is the God who sees me. Now I try to praise more, talk about life around me and concerns, then be worried less. I’m trying to turn it all over to Him more. I can’t change anything anyway. 🙂 Keep looking up! To God Be The Glory!!! ❤


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