Friday Fotos

Time to relax. Let’s enjoy some photos from around the ‘hood. These are not current snaps because it’s raining like gangbusters at the moment. I thought it would be pleasant to see some color on such a dreary day. No matter how bad things may look, God’s wonder surrounds me. He reminds me how even gloomy days are temporary. He’s the God Who Sees Me. โค

Giant Sunflowers being visited by Honey Bees and Butterflies. I think they are my favorite flower.
The Bird Lady.
She guards the herb garden.
One of the many Blue Bird houses Steve made. This one matches the house in color and appearance.
I’m very fond of statuary in the yard. They soften the landscape.
Steve painted these little cuties a few years back. I think they kinda look like us. *lol*
The Old Man In The Tree. He’s always watching down by the gate.
The sunset shines through the cross. A daily reminder of His eternal love for all His creation.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fotos

  1. What a nice trip through your garden this morning! Another thing you and I have in common…I love cute and/or silly little statues in the garden not to mention other things. I got it from my grandmother.

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  2. Love your photos…the bee on the sunflower is wonderful! Love your little bird lady in the garden. She is sweet. The old couple is really funny…I’m sure the critters get a good laugh out them, and the old man on the tree. Love the cross windchime. That is really special, and so is the bird house. Did I miss anything? These were all wonderful. I love interesting and fun stuff in the yard… Hope you had a nice day in the rain. We were cloudy by no rain.

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