Thankful Thursday And Photos From Yesterday

First off, we had a lovely time on the Georgia coast yesterday to celebrate our 42nd First Date Anniversary. We had a stroll around the rustic historic downtown, walked down by the waterfront and lunched at Skipper’s Fish Camp. For me, the date of March 17th, means more than the actual Wedding Anniversary date on August 11th. The ceremony only made the affection we have for each other official. πŸ™‚ Back in 1979, we had already known one another for a year so the wedding just clinched the fact we must stay together always. In my heart I was already his, and he was mine. On a smaller scale, it’s like being a follower of Jesus. Once we let His love into our hearts and say we want to be His, He never ever let’s us go. What a blessing it is to know the love of Jesus Christ. He makes all our vain human endeavors make more sense.

Without further ado, below are a slideshow of the photos from our day trip over to Darien:

It was drizzling rain today. It prevented us sitting in the Big Chair at Skipper’s. Below is one from our visit in October 2018. Isn’t that chair HUGE!? I would love to have one and put it down by the road just for a lark.

18 October 2018

I’m feeling very thankful for a great many things.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for blog “followers” that are more like friends. I’m thankful that so many of y’all care to read my thoughts and share yours in return. Lovin’ the comradery we share in Christ. We all lift each other up, “therefore edify one another with these words”, when we so desperately need that affection. Depression, suicides and illegal drug use are hitting an all time high with the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste crowd’. I wish these poor fragile one’s would stop living in fear and listening to a government that bears only ill will ☭ and trust in the power of our loving God more. I promise, none of us who believe will pass into Glory until God ordains it. Nothing can prevent or change that. Just have faith.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for the love that God gives me through His Holy Spirit. Love is meant to be shared not hidden under a basket (or behind a mask, in this case). I pray I share that love with others through kindness, forgiveness and prayers.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for the love of a good husband. ❀ He’s also my best friend. ❀ He makes my life so easy and happy.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful to actually have a sister for the first time ever! I grew up an only child, or as some say, a lonely child. Long story short: I was adopted out of the family at 2 days old. I found my birth-family many, many years ago, but the relationships with each of them have taken many twists and turns, people have moved, some died. My half-sister now believes and follows the Lord Jesus Christ will all her heart. She’s also very Conservative (like me), patriotic, outspoken, and kind-hearted to a fault. This poor girl has been through the wringer. We have a lot in common now. I’m lovin’ that.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ And lastly, I’m thankful for Spring, for the new growth bursting forth after a long, hard winter. Of the birds returning and all of His creation seeming to sing with joy as warm weather returns. By the way, we had our first Hummingbird visit the feeder yesterday afternoon! Yippee! That is so awesome!

Thanks for listening. I hope your day is blessed with joy.

PS: Emoticons are from this site. Enjoy! (Ν β‰– ΝœΚ–Ν β‰–)πŸ‘Œ

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday And Photos From Yesterday

  1. I truly enjoyed all of your pictures and your description of your trip. I can tell by your words it was just want you wanted and needed. Friends here are vital and I enjoy each one as you do. Glad you found your sister and you have the good Lord in common. Hope this week has been good to you.

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    1. We are all vital to each other, aren’t we!? I know I pray for all y’all, whether it’s asked for or not. πŸ™‚ And thank you for your prayers. I sure need them. Love ya friend. ❀


  2. What a beautiful day you had! Happy Anniversary of your first date…that is a very special event, because it certainly began a beautiful “friendship” for a lifetime…God bless you with many more! I loved all these pictures. Darien certainly is beautiful. As I mentioned to you earlier, my late brother had a vacation home there, but I never got to see it and now it is ‘out of the family’, so I guess I never will…but he loved it there. He loved the water, boating, and everything about it. After seeing these pictures I can see why he loved it there so much. I love all the things you shared that you are thankful for…and for your sister…what a blessing to have found each other. May God bond you together in Christ always. Blessings.

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    1. I think y’all would really enjoy Darien and neighboring Brunswick. If you can ever visit, just make sure it’s not during the “No See Um’s” (the Ceratopogonidae biting gnats) season. It’s absolute agony when they bite. One time when we were out motorcycling, we stopped at a cemetery out on the island during that season. They were so bad I kept my helmet and jacket on so I wouldn’t go mad from itching. lol
      So sorry your brother is no longer with us. It’s such a comfort to know it’s only temporary for those of us who trust in Christ. I’ve got so many dear Saints I can’t wait to see again when we’re with Jesus forever too. πŸ™‚


  3. Loved the tour and don’t you two just look so happy and content together! Darien looks like a beautiful and historic town that I’d love to see some day. I smiled at your thoughts about getting married…about how you already belonged to each other in your hearts forever, like following Jesus. I read somewhere a long time ago that our marriages are supposed to be a reflection in this world of His relationship with us. That our marriages should readily point to the Lord.

    I also love hearing about your finding of your birth family and that your sister is now a woman of faith! My story is just a bit different. My parents weren’t married, but my mom kept me and raised me with my adopted father. I just met my biological father for the first time last year. I’ve also met 2 of my 3 half-siblings. My father doesn’t say he’s an atheist, but is a self-proclaimed progressive and humanist. The brother right after me in age has a masters degree in American Religious History, but told me he “has problems with any religion that thinks it has all the answers.” The next brother, I have no clue about. He is semi-estranged from the family and no one even knows how he feels about suddenly having another sister. My sister is the baby and seems the most open. She is, at least, more conservative and not the bleeding heart liberal that the rest are. I have hopes that the Lord will reach her one of these days.

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    1. Oh my! All I can say is don’t stop praying for these dear lost souls! Put them on the prayer lists at Church. Pray for them without ceasing during the day, etc. I can’t tell ya how many years I prayed daily for Sister before her life completely turned around for the better. I had kinda given up, thinking it was hopeless, but one day she gave her heart to our Lord, and, well, that’s where we are today. πŸ™‚ Now I’m praying for one of my half-brothers (Sister’s full brother). He’s into something strange he called “existentialism”. Yeah, I had to look it up too. I put the link below. That’s a new one on me and I read the book “Kingdom of the Cults”. This existentialism is also a cult and it’s just another word for devil worship. God bless you and yours! πŸ™‚


  4. Glad you had a nice day out! Cute pic of you in that big chair.
    So much to be thankful for and I’m also thankful for those things. I loved reading about your sister!

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