Memorial Day

Today, here in America, we take this day to remember those men and women in uniform who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may stay home and enjoy our God-given liberties. The gave their lives to defend us. Never forget. And along those lines, I have a quick thought concerning that below.

Saturday, Steve and I drove over to Brunswick, Georgia, to enjoy a repast πŸ˜‹ with my long time blogging buddy, Terri and her lovely family. We all had a great time. ( β—‘β€Ώβ—‘)Ι”β”πŸŸ–πŸ”β”‘Ω©(^β—‘^ )

This picture below doesn’t do it justice, but the drive home was absolutely gorgeous! We were heading west on Hwy 82 about 8:30. There were just enough clouds on the horizon to be interesting. If we hadn’t caught the train in Patterson 😑 the photo would probably have been better. Aw well. Suffice it to say there were splashes of orange, purple, blues and grey. It was bright, shining, spectacular, awe inspiring. Only ✞ God ✞ can paint a picture like this.

Tyre Bridge Road, Patterson, Pierce County, Georgia [29 May 2021]

A parting thought: in my salad days I was a bit of a ‘hawk’. I was always ready for a good scrap without thinking about the lasting consequences. Now that I am old, I hope my actions are more of that of a ‘dove’. Doves are the symbol of peace even though they are still fighters. After much study and prayerful reflection, the Lord has filled my heart with perhaps instead of sending our precious men and women to kill people and break things for those who will never change, perhaps we should encourage sending food, education and, most importantly, the Word of God to the lost. Go back to only declaring war and using American involvement as a last resort. It’s ok to send arms to the helpless who need to defend themselves against the evil hordes. Jesus even told the Apostles that before He went to the cross. We still have to ‘carry’ here in America because of the darkness that dwells in all human hearts. But if we truly do profess to being a Christian nation, maybe it would be more prudent to support those that are oppressed with teaching them how to live safely. Peace through strength. Education of God’s word is power. I think wars only harm the innocent. I also know there will never be true peace until Christ returns and sets up His perfect Kingdom but at least we should try to live peacefully. That’s just my 2 cents. πŸ™‚

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  1. I am so happy for you and Terri to meet…a bit envious as well. I have met Terri and her sweet Joe a few years ago when they passed through our neck of the woods. Super super nice people. I would love to meet you and your hubby sometime too…one of these days we will have to plan a 1/2 way meet and greet or something. We really aren’t all that far apart! Yes, I agree with your thoughts and sentiments regarding our freedom, war, and ways to reach the Lost! Unfortunately, there will always be wars and “rumors of wars” on this earth until Christ returns to establish His kingdom…but we can each do our part to make peace and not spread more hate. Sadly, our nation is getting into a whole new realm of causing division and hatred instead of trying to bring about love and peace among all. It is very sad to see us going backwards instead of forward. Our country needs a LOT of prayer.

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    1. Yes, what you said! We are going backwards. I just had a backwards way of saying it. Thanks. You brought clarity to my thought. And a 1/2 way meet would be nice. I’ll have to figure out what is half way so our ‘turn and burn’ won’t be too far for either of us.
      Blessings. xx


  2. So happy you got to meet and spend time with Terri. She is a special lady. I agree with your thoughts on what to send instead of more people to fight. God knows the need.

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  3. Well said my dear, we should strive with all our strength to live in peace with everyone but remain well armed and strong to thwart the ambitions of those that wish us ruin.

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  4. Your two cents worth are worth a whole bunch more than two cents! I am so glad we finally got to meet in person! Love & hugs!

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  5. I was so happy to see you and Terri were going to meet. What a special time!
    I think your thoughts are good – well thought out and makes sense to me!

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