Tuesday 4: So Tell Me

Thank you Annie for keeping this going!

Let’s talk about you …

1. Music. What kind of music do you enjoy? I’m fairly eclectic in that regards. My tastes run to Classical but not Opera. Can’t take all that caterwaulin’, which is funny ’cause in two of my favorite British series, Inspector Morse and Endeavor, that’s his favorite music. I also like some of the 1970s “soft rock” by the groups Bread, The Monkees, and others. And I’m also been known to listen to the crooners like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, etc. Are you musical? Once Upon A Time I could sing fairly well. I was classified as a Second Alto in Concert Choir. I had range, tone, and pitch, according to our teacher in High School. I loved singing in public. Not the least bit shy about public performances. But after some much needed neck surgery in 2009, I lost all that range and pitch. I’m sure I sound like someone dragging a rake across concrete now. My hearing is failing too from shooting, hunting, motorcycling, SCUBA diving, and more or it’s all part of aging process.

2. Travel. Where have we been? Pretty much all over America (except the Left coast), and a teeny tiny part of Canada around Niagara Falls and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico on a tour bus. What’s your favorite destination(s)? The Texas Hill Country and western South Carolina. I could totally live in SC. Such a great State with scenic roads, pristine woods, historical stops, lovely Southern architecture, good food, low gas prices, and the natives are friendly. 😉 We looked into moving to somewhere around Gaffney awhile back but decided to hunker down where we are for now.

3. Occupations. Did you end up working at what you wanted to be? I had no aspirations or goals growing up except to get that diploma, graduate High School 🎓 and get out of what was then my current situation. My adopted father was not a nice guy. And my second step-mother, God love her, was diagnosed as being manic-depressive. My nerves were shot by the time I was 18. It ruined my reproductive health which was a contributing factor in preventing me from having children. Jesus 😍 has since healed the hurt but the physical damage was already done. In rapid secession I had been handed that sheepskin, I was kicked out of the house, and since I had no confidence in my abilities to survive as a single adult, I married too young. Subsequently, I slid into Bookkeeping and Secretarial work purely by chance. Despite all the twists, turns and out-right crashes, I feel that God has blessed me beyond measure. He is a God of 2nd chances. 😉 I enjoyed all my jobs. There are no regrets, but ... Do you wish you’d done something else, if so, what? etc. Later in life, after I got my head screwed on better, I think I would have enjoyed being a motorcycle mechanic. I like fixing things. Or perhaps be a pilot. I love flying, especially in helicopters.

4. How do you keep from being bored? Bored? Moi? There’s too much to do and too many people to annoy. 😜 I enjoy the life God has granted me. Very seldom do I endure boredom. I guess growing up an only child I know how to entertain myself. Anywho, if I do find myself with “nothing to do”, I work on our genealogies, blog, read a good book, clean or work outside when the weather is nice. Owning a house with property there’s always something that needs done.

From Annie: Thank you for joining in each week. You have made this such a wonderful experience and I know Toni, in whose memory we continue, would be pleased as punch.

Now, aren’t you glad you asked or is this a TMI moment? (⊙.⊙) Thanks for stopping by! 😁

7 thoughts on “Tuesday 4: So Tell Me

  1. I loved your post, and thank you for coming up with the questions this week! Good thought provoking subjects. I am sorry for the terrible things you went through growing up, but like you said, God is the God of 2nd chances, and He gave you a brand new life and happiness with a good man. Praise God. Sounds like we did a lot of similar kind of work…bookkeeping/secretarial. That’s pretty much what I did too, and God blessed me through it. I am so happy we have met here, and I hope we get to meet in person some day. I think we two Pamela’s would get along just fine!! (((hugs)))

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  2. I also have eclectic music tastes, and like you, I don’t like opera.
    My mom had a book for each of us through school, one section for each grade. There was a part where she asked us questions and one was ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’. From 4th grade on, my answer was nurse and mom, and I’ve been blessed to do that.
    You have a wonderful testimony of God being the God of second chances. He is good!

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