Friday Fotos

It’s been a busy week, in spite of the severe heat. Today is supposed to be over 100 degrees. It’s almost noon (yeah, I know, I’m late) and it’s “only” 87 but it feels like 100! Ugh. I am not a Summer person. How about a few photos from around the yard from this week.

Carolina Wren (T. ludovicianus)

As the sun began to descend yesterday, I took my usual walk around the property’s perimeter. I use this time to check the fence, pray and enjoy where God has allowed me live. A pair of our Carolina Wren’s had nested in the brightly decorated yellow gourd up in the shade that Steve had made for me many years ago. Lo and behold the hanger had come loose and it and all it’s contents crashed to the ground. The Wren babies, nesting material, everything was scattered all over! Poor babies had ants on them too, so, as gently as I could I brushed the brutes off the little guys, put the material and them back in the nest, then secured the hook with sturdy wire. I think it had just happened as the babies seemed none the worse for wear. I watched from afar as the Mama bird returned to the nest. She popped in and out. Guess they’re all OK. I’ll check them again this evening. This made my heart race, that’s for sure.

I snapped a pic of a homemade sign not too far from us this week and put it on FaceBook. It’s out on Highway 84 between Jesup and Screven (Wayne County, Georgia). These once graced many roadsides here in the South.

Our current Administration needs to heed this advice. I guess most have heard how our own Government is bringing in thousands of unvetted illegals. 😲 Then our own Military is secretly shipping them all over our country after giving them our own tax money to spend as they please. These unknowns have horrible contagious diseases, many are terrorists, and they are carrying that Chinese drug that’s killing our citizens (fen… something). Our own Government is at war with us. ☹️

And how about a couple of photos of our Butterfly Bushes. We’ve had lots of lovely rain this Summer. All my flowering bushes are blooming like gangbusters. The plants are doing so well I almost wish now I had had more of the Red Cedar trees removed and planted flowers and grass. Might do just that this Fall.

It’s dried out a bit and gotten very hot but the weather channel says it will start raining again on Monday. Sure hope so. It’s blazing today. I’m staying inside and enjoying the A/C.

Y’all take care. Keep praying and looking up! 🇺🇸 🙏

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  1. Your butterfly bushes are beautiful!! I can imagine the butterflies are loving them for sure. Thank you for taking care of the baby wrens. I know that mama wren was thankful for you too! They are such busy little birds…loud, but fun to watch. And yes, our nation definitely needs to get right with God. What a mess we are in! Praying every day for God to open the eyes of the blind before it is too late. We just need to stay on our knees and keep praying, praying, praying…and then standing up for the truth. It’s getting harder and harder to do so in our land. People don’t want to hear the truth anymore. The devil has blinded their eyes and stopped up their ears and corrupted their hearts. So very sad. Pray, Pray, Pray.

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  2. Oh, thank God you were there to rescue those baby birds. My heart was in my throat just reading. Yep. With what’s happening to our Nation, I’ve no doubt we’re in the right part of the country. Love that corregated sign!

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  3. I’m so glad you saved those babies!
    It cooled off here – high of 75 and a cool breeze. After the heat this week, it was a welcome relief.
    I love that sign and I agree that our governement needs to be heeding that advice, Bob and I were talking over supper about how many terrible things are going on – and being appluaded.

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  4. Oh, those poor babies! Good thing you were there to save the day.
    Your bushes are gorgeous. I’ve always wanted a butterfly bush, but never have gotten around to it. It’s rained a lot here this year, too, and everything is growing and blooming like crazy…even the darn weeds!

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  5. Love love the photos…you guys look so good, smiles…don’t even get me going on the insanity of what’s going on…all on purpose…don’t get me going. Scary how many are NOT right with Jesus…even folks who claim to be Christians are following like sheep. There I go…never mind…smiles

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    1. You and the other blogging friends look so very good in all the photos from this weekend. I’m glad y’all had a good time. Enjoy your week and don’t work too hard!
      Love ❤


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