Thankful Thursday And Yesterday’s Doin’s

Welcome to my Thankful Thursday.

** I am very thankful for salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. I sure can’t save myself nor anyone else.

** I’m thankful for another year to be with the man I love who stole my heart so long ago. We celebrated our 42nd yesterday. (A few photos below. CLICK on each photo to enlarge.)

** Having dogs is a bright spot in my life. They are a treasure. Like “they” say, nothing loves ya like a dog. 😉

** And although things are not perfect, I’m very thankful to live in America, during this Age of Grace, and especially in our little ‘hood in the Georgia countryside. We’ve got it good and I know it. God has blessed us “… exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think …” All good things come from God.

Yesterday, we traveled a few miles to Brunswick and spent the morning in the Historic District. Started out at the Daddy Cates Coffees. The sugar-free frozen Frappe was excellent! Well done.

Then we drove around the Historic area looking at all the sights.

After that, headed north to Darien in McIntosh County to look around. Stopped first at the old Butler’s Plantation just outside of Darien. Rice was grown there before the War of Northern Aggression. Probably was even after but it’s not now. It’s so hot in this area during the summer. And the biting bugs! Ouch. It’s absolute misery. I don’t know how anyone could stand living there without proper glass windows and air conditioning. It must have been like hell on earth. No wonder so many died before their time.

Also, happened onto a historic cemetery called St. Andrews near the town with the quaint name of Ashantilly. Quite a mouthful, huh?! The cemetery slopes down to Black Island Creek. There’s Spanish Moss draping off the trees, the air is dense and muggy. Reminds me of Florida. Since I’m a historian, I like to stroll through old cemeteries to look at the markers. Some are so creative which says a lot about those entombed there. I always wonder about what their lives where like. What did they like, who did they hate. Where they good people? Where they happy? Where they loved? Did they love Jesus? Are there descendants living in the area still? Could I be related (that’s always possible here)? Anyway, I’m always respectful when visiting and only take photographs.

After all that fun, we’d frittered away enough time to have supper. Off we went to engorge ourselves at a local place called Skippers’ Fish Camp. They offer quite a cuisine for such a small restaurant but we always go for the seafood. That’s the only food Steve won’t cook at home ’cause it stinks up the kitchen. Anything else is much better cooked at our home. Cheaper too.

All that said and done it was time to head home to let the copious amounts of shrimp ruminate. It had been a long day for this old lady. After a meal like that, I have to get comfortable and let my belly flop around for awhile. *lol* (I know. TMI.)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the day trip too.

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday And Yesterday’s Doin’s

  1. Oh, that looks like a great day trip for your anniversary!! I would love a day like that. And I agree with your Steve…go out to eat the shrimp/seafood stuff rather than smell up the house cooking it at home. That is my favorite go to for out to eat since I won’t cook it! Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures. I never got to go to Darien. My oldest brother had a vacation house there on the marsh, but I never made it up there and now he is in heaven and his wife sold the house. Actually they shared it with a friend, and she sold their portion back to the friend and he said they could always visit, but still I don’t think I dare to presume that I could go there…even tho I knew the friend too. Anywho…I am happy to see your pictures of the area and now I know what I missed. I love old cemeteries and Plantation houses and stuff. Wondering what that brick round thing is…some kind of outdoor oven or forge or something that was important back then!! Happy Happy Anniversary! OUrs is next week. I wish we could go somewhere fun like that. Thanks for some ideas! God bless you all with many many more.

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    1. Probably, I should have read the other plaque that was there about the circular mystery structure. It was SO HOT though and the biting bugs were epic. I tried to stay in the truck as much as possible. If y’all ever get a chance to visit, might wanna make sure the temp’s are a little more pleasant. It is a nice area.
      Blessings. xx


  2. Ya got me going on “before the War of Northern Aggression:…thanks, I needed that good roll on a very long work day (11:30-8). I haven’t been to Brunswick in such a long time…I’m telling you, if this Northern Aggression nonsense with mask mandates and such don’t end soon, and as much as I love living here, and I keep spouting off, but changes will have to be made…and you know I hate the deep south in the summer time…just saying…anyways…so glad you had a beautiful day, smiles.

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      1. its ok, Sparky….yes its a long day. AND hot too, its already 85* at 10 am. I am so longing for a cold winter day. I feel like a slug, lolol.

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  3. Happy anniversary! It looks like you guys had a great day trip to celebrate. Amen…I am still glad to have been blessed to be born American.

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    1. I know, as much as I complain about what’s going on here, it’s 10 times worse in other parts of the world. At least we own guns. Our weapons are the only thing standing between us and Totalitarianism.


  4. I just had to snicker-laugh… guess I hadn’t noticed it before now for some reason… the image of the fake resident in your sidebar “Mr. Potato Head is… Not My President” LOL!!! // I haven’t commented before now (at least not that I remember lol), but gotta tell ya I so love reading your blog and connecting with someone else who believes and also thinks the same as we do. // HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Prayers and blessings to both of you!! ❤️

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